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Radio WHAT News Archive - June 2015

Will Ferrell Gave Best Man Speeches for Couples He Didn't Know, and It's Too Funny!
When You Have 3 Girlfriends #TheStruggleIsReal
#WATCH: What Happens When No One Wants to Carry the Wedding Cake?
#WATCH: Kid Theater with Channing Tatum
Watch as Two Slow Cops Chase a Handcuffed Suspect
#WATCH: A Drone Hit a Southwest Plane and Broke the WING?!?!?!
See a Father and Daughter Do The Whip/Nae Nae [VIDEO]
50 Inch Booty: Factory Worker Has Buns Of Steel #VIDEO
#WATCH: Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, More Sing It Out on ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Teaser
#WATCH: When You're Drunk at a House Party and You Have a Samurai Sword...
WATCH: Selena Gomez Imitates Taylor Swift & Shakira, Raps A$AP Rocky & More
#WATCH: Kids Dump Breakfast on Showering Dads for Kimmel’s Father’s Day Prank
Pups Running For Dinner, Timelapse Style! {WATCH}
#PHOTO: What Do You Do When You Can't Bring a Bottle of Wine Thru TSA
OMG! Wait Until You Hear This 6 Year Old's Voice
Olivia Culpo Speaks Out Following Breakup with Nick Jonas: 'Heartbreak Is Hard'
Is this the Song of the Summer???? Afrojack - SummerThing! ft. Mike Taylor
How Cool Is This??? Samsung Safety Truck (English Version)
He Loved Her Since They Were 10. This Is How He Proposed
Fill Your Car Up With Gas...AT YOUR HOUSE!!!
Evolution of Michael Jackson - Pentatonix
Catching a Fly Ball...WHILE FEEDING A BABY!
Best Drummer Ever
#WATCH: Why is this Baby in a Plastic Tube??!?
#WATCH: Harry Styles Calls Out Fan During Concert for Stealing His High School Girlfriend
True Confessions On Jimmy Fallon
Really: Street Fighter Elevator Prank
Puppies Change Lives!!!! CRY ALERT!!!
Pitbull Ft. Chris Brown FUN! [VIDEO]
Kim Kardashian Officially Reveals The Gender Of Baby No. 2!
How Guys Go To The Bathroom #RealLife
High School Dance Off...CROWD GOES INSANE!
Selena just dropped an audio video of "Good For You" feat. ASAP Rocky.
Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Flo Rida's Block Party Themed New Video
When a raccoon goes to a liquor store...
Tyra Banks Shows Off the REAL Her!
Rihanna Puts Out Line Of Golden Temporary Tattoos
New Music Video Alert Pitbull - Fun ft. Chris Brown
LISTEN: Janet Jackson is Back
Like Father Like Daughter
Justin Bieber Says He Wants To 'Make Things Right' With Taylor Swift
Jason Derulo Reveals His Biggest Turnoff
It Started As A Joke In A College Stairwell And Ends Up Addressing A Problem They Didn't Know They Had
Facetime Cheating Prank!!! {WATCH}
Arnold Schwarzenegger Delivers an Epic Prank!
#WATCH: Men's Reaction to the News They Will Be Fathers
#WATCH: Ladies, How Mad Would You Be If This Happened to You?
WATCH: How Much Would it Cost to Build Jurassic Park?
The Ear Wax Monster VIDEO Is The Grossest Thing You’ll See Today
That Time You Almost Crashed A $700K Ferari #VIDEO
A Woman Is Going on the $10 Bill
Ariana Grande Casually Drops 'Moonlight' Snippets On Snapchat
WATCH: Jimmy Fallon, Jeb Bush Slow Jam the News
Universal Confirms 'Pitch Perfect 3' Cast Members, Announces Release Date
PHOTO: Miley Cyrus Poses Nude With Pet Pig For 'Paper'
#WATCH: Hospital Worker Takes Snapchat of Ghost??
WATCH: Donald Trump is Officially Running For President
Warriors Win It
Target's New Bikini Campaign Shows Women of All Sizes
#WATCH: When This Store Is Out Of Skittles...
Watch This 2 Year Old Kill It on Guitar Hero!
#WATCH: The First Word that Comes to Mind...
#TRENDING - Imagine getting into an accident with The Rock
People Try Living Without A Phone! {WATCH}
Have the Blackhawks Changed Hockey??
Beyonce, Katy Perry And Three Other Pop Stars To Appear In Madonna's New Video
100 Students Line Up To Have Janitor Sign Their Yearbooks [Video]
WATCH: Wiz Khalifa - See You Again is the PERFECT Graduation Song!
WATCH: When your dog wants something on the table! Every dog owner has witnessed this.
WATCH: Iggy's Fiance Nick Young Fails To Recognize Iggy Azalea's Lyrics
#TRENDING - Netflix releases Orange Is The New Black early
Michael of 5SOS Burned During Show in London
Kanye, Tyga and Kylie
HILARIOUS: Kids vs. Food!
Guy Pops The Question To His High School Sweetheart After Her Last Chemo Session
Family Feud - Funny Steve Harvey Compilation
Drunk Groom Tries To Seduce Bride [Video]
Disabled Dog Walks Again!
Which Restaurant Has The Best Free Bread? {WATCH}
#WATCH: 'Jurassic World' Star Bryce Dallas Howard Can Cry On-Demand
WATCH: Cookie Monster KILLS Jurassic Park Parody!
#PHOTOS - Justin Bieber Gives Us His Best 'Blue Steel'
What a #milliondollar + #wedding looks like!
WATCH: This 'Truffle Butter' And 'Goonies' Mashup Is Perfect
Watch the teaser for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
WATCH: Kim Kardashian Goes All Out For Kanye's 38th Birthday
#VIRAL - A Guy with a Drawn-On Unibrow Did a Crazy Interview About a Car Crash
#ThrowbackThursday - Kim Kardashian's MySpace page
#TBT - Crystal Pepsi From the 90's is Coming Back
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris enjoying the summer on a swan!
Reporter Kicked by UFC Champion...Doesn't End Well!
New Music Video Prince Royce - Back It Up (Official Video) ft. Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull
New Craze In Cosmetic Surgery For Ladies!
#MELTDOWN: Kid Stepping In Dog Poop Video Goes Viral
Mean Tweets - NBA Edition
Man Has 420 Kidney Stones Removed!
Ladies, There is a New Summer Trend : Underarm Hair
Is Selena Gomez Naked In New Pic?
How It Feels When The Toilet Paper Runs Out! {WATCH}
Holy Crap!!! You have to check out this Oven!
Girl Pranks Men By Asking Them To Rub Sun Tan Lotion On Her...But There's a Catch! [Video]
File This Under STUPID! Man Puts Red Ants Down His Pants!
Frozen Ever After ride details & artwork announced for Walt Disney World in 2016
Beyonce's Diet Secrets Revealed - GMA Feature
Babies Scared of Their Shadows
Awesome Ladder Prank!!!
Apparently, KATY PERRY is NOT planning a TAYLOR SWIFT diss track
American Facial Hair Throughout History
What Happens When Guys Cover Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood
Two Women Brawl in an Indiana Walmart #NSFW WARNING: LOTS OF CURSING!
The Goonies Turns 30!
The Face You Make When You See Something You Like
The BEY HIVE is angry at their queen!
Kim Wishes Kanye A Happy Birthday!
Jumping Out of a Swing...FAIL!
How much money is it costing you to be in a relationship?
Do You Have a Dirty Mind???
WATCH: Wife Not Impressed After Husband Spends $60K On Surprise Kitchen Renovation!
Groom RUINS #Wedding Over Cake [Video]
WATCH: That Time The 'Aladdin' & 'The Lion King' Broadway Casts Had An Airport Sing-Off
WATCH: "Mickey Minaj" (Nicki Minaj Disney Remix)
WATCH: Guy Proposes with a McDonald's Sandwich
[VIDEO] Pregnant to Baby in 90 Seconds!
[VIDEO] Elaborate Proposal..Fake Volleyball Tournament, 69 Singers & MORE!
Hey Girl....Pre-Nup?!
Family's Brutally Honest Obituary For Son Who Died Of A Drug Overdose Goes Viral
Ed Sheeran Covers 'Trap Queen' and it's EPIC!!!
What Baby Name Will Kimye Choose for Baby #2? [VIDEO]
We're Going Back To The Habit Again....
WATCH: Baby Goats in Pajamas! You're going to want one after watching this.
WATCH: Baby and Dog Share a Special Bond!
This Boy Killed Himself Because Of This Text.
Teen’s Virtual Duet with Jessie J Goes Viral!
Remember your old screen-name?
Pixar Announces Toy Story 4
Natalie La Rose and Fetty Wap Collab!
Look How Excited This Duck is To See A Little Boy
How To Piss Off Your Girlfriend In 66 Seconds! {WATCH}
EPIC: Grandpa Does Michael Jackson Prank! #Hilarious
Ellie Goulding, And Lorde Hung Out With Katy Perry???
Did Mariah Carey sign up for!
Ciara and NFL Boyfriend Russell Give Back!
Choreographed Graduation Dance. Kahuku High School Graduation Senior Medley 2015
An Explosive Engagement
Britney Spears Just Unveiled...
WATCH: Kitten vs. 2 Lizards! Who wins?
VIRAL: Video Of A Girl Signing Eminem’s Lose Yourself
Shia Labeouf’s Motivational Speech!
New Fifty Shades of Grey Book To Hit The Shelves
Jimmy Kimmel's Unnecessary Censorship
Good Things Come In 3!
Former Olympian Introduces 'Her' to the world!
24 Brilliant New Words...And What They Mean!!



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