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News Archive - June 2014

Bombshell: Nancy Grace Tells Father Missing Son is Alive On Air
WATCH: World's Dumbest Criminal!
WATCH: Three year-old hides donuts so she won't get in trouble!
WATCH: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer s Here!!!!
WATCH: Suarez Bit My Finger
WATCH: Rachel McAdam's Audition Tape Will Blow You Away
WATCH: Grandpa's Selfie Rules! How to Take a Selfie
WATCH: Girl Thinks She Removed Her Bottom Lip After Being Drugged Up From Wisdom Teeth Removal
Watch: Richmond Cop Saves Woman From Train Tracks | Texas Police Officer Rescues Suicidal Woman
WATCH: Crowd surfing fail at Op De Toffel 2014
NSFW: Adam Levine Calls Foul On LiLo's Sex Claims!
NSFW (18+): Bridesmaids Bare Their Butts
Is Jillian Michaels Really Leaving The Biggest Loser?
Incredible dog story: A golden retriever finds his family after two lost years.
Luis Suarez Banned for 4 Months for Biting Opponent at World Cup
It's happening! A 'Saved By The Bell' movie is in the works!
Will Smith's kids are obsessed with...snakes?
Kristen Bell is pregnant, again!
WATCH: Which World Cup Teams Are Banned From Having Sex??
WATCH: Treadmill FAIL!
WATCH: strangers love SLAPPING each other
WATCH: Oh The Power Of A Lambo!
WATCH: Most Ridiculous Commercial I Have Ever Seen Not Necessary!
WATCH: Man They Sure Know How Rock Out!
WATCH: Guys Dancing in Heels to Beyonce are FIERCE
WATCH: Grandma got swag.
WATCH: Girl Fakes Her Period Ad
WATCH: Girl fails to ride a camel.
WATCH: Flight Attendant Delivers Hilarious Safety Speech
WATCH: Father Daughter Pageant Dance But Grab The Tissues!
WATCH: Dog Teaches Baby How To Crawl!
WATCH: Dog Loves Watching World Cup More Than Any Human Ever
WATCH: Couple Rescued After Treading Water for 13 Hours!
WATCH: Best First Date!
WATCH: A Cat Welcomes A Soldier Home
VIDEO: Hilarious baby discovers his eyebrows for the first time
U.S. Marine Gets Surprise Of His Life
Tracy Morgan Transferred To Rehab Facility!
Tooth is Pulled Out Tied to Launched Hot Wheels Car
Sam Smith Transforms Whitney Houston's 'How Will I Know'
Pitbull and Jimmy Fallon Play Giant Beer Pong [WATCH]
PHOTO: Kelly Clarkson Introduces New Baby to the World
North West Celebrates First Birthday In Style!
New Trend? People Drinking Butter In Their Coffee
MUST WATCH: Guy pretends to know what happens next
Mr. President Is Definitely a 'Chipotle' First-Timer
Man Gets Stuck In Airplane Bathroom
Little Girl Wrote To Google See How They Responded!
Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony officialize their divorce!
I'M SO MARRIED- Iggy Azalea- Fancy Parody [LISTEN]
Great Read: 27 Things To Let Go By 27
Ed Sheeran Debut's 'Photograph'
Chelsea Handler Signs Deal With Netflix For A New Talk Show!
CHECK THIS OUT: Kim Kardashian has a video game coming out!
Amazon Fire 4 Years In The Making!
WATCH: Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber last night.
WATCH: Scott Disick Attempts To Be A Host…
WATCH: Killer Clown Prank
WATCH: Destiny's Child Mini Reunion!
WATCH: Blind Dog Can See Again!
Selena Gomez Might Have Partied Too Hard!
See Kevin Hart Squeal Like a Little Girl on a Roller Coaster with Jimmy Fallon
Kim & Kanye's wedding kiss photo took four days to take!
Even Malia Obama Goes On Coffee Runs!
Congratulations to Katy Perry on Starting Her Own Record Label!
Zendaya Coleman Casted to Play Aaliyah in Biopic
WATCH: funny MTS internet baby commercial
WATCH: "Do you even lift?"
WATCH: Dad complains over son's tattoos.
WATCH: Brian Williams rapping "Baby Got Back"
Tracy Morgan improving; no longer in critical condition
Mom protests by wearing daughter's dress to graduation
Lorde's parents are engaged for the first time
FINALLY 250 New Emojis!
BF Surprises GF With A Puppy
ATTENTION FOODIES: Meet The Churro Ice Cream Sandwich
Who Needs a Bra and Underwear Anyways?
WATCH: What Kind Of Person Walks On Ice In Heels?!
WATCH: The BEST High School Graduation Prank!
WATCH: Lie Witness News - The Heat Edition
WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets - The NBA edition!
WATCH: Jennifer Lopez teases more songs off 'A.K.A.'
WATCH: Ice Cube says nice things in angry voice on 'Jimmy Kimmel'
WATCH: "Hi Brit"
USA USA USA! Tonight On The World Cup!!!!
Woman Claims That JetBlue Flight Attendant Forced 3-Year-Old to Pee in Seat
The Miley/Selena SmackDown Continues On!
Starbucks Clears College Degree Path for Workers
PHOTO: Kim Kardashian shares precious Father's Day pic of North and Kanye West
Florida Woman Steals 7 Frozen Lobster Tails!
Eve Has Tied The Knot!
WATCH: Rihanna stars in new trailer for animated movie 'Home'
WATCH: Kylie and Kendall Jenner Dance with Tyler the Creator
WATCH: Jennifer Lopez doesn't 'Worry No More' in latest 'AKA' teaser
WATCH: Honey Boo Boo performs cheer with Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show'
WATCH: Gov. Christie & Jimmy Fallon's 'Evolution of Dad Dancing'!
WATCH: Cops lip sync to Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse'
WATCH: Celine Dion responds to Richard Dunn's 'All By Myself' airport video
PHOTO: Jennifer Lopez is red hot on 'Billboard' cover
Petition for Beyonce to brush daughter's hair
Outkast announces hometown concert
Meet The Calorie Counting 'Smart Cup'
Kelly Clarkson welcomes baby daughter
Katy Perry & Kacey Musgraves special to air on CMT
Jimmy Kimmel Test HEAT Fans
Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull perform at World Cup
Is Robin Thicke naming his new album 'Paula?'
Ed Sheeran 'superfan couple' names baby after singer
WATCH: Mila Kunis to soon-to-be dads: 'Stop saying WE are pregnant!'
Chelsea Handler Over Celebrities!
Lea Michele is dating a former escort named Matthew Paetz
JLo's On To The Next One!
Who's the NEW Miss USA 2014??!
WATCH: Woman Had Sexual Encounter with a Dolphin!
WATCH: Talk About Skills!
WATCH: Sharknado 2 Trailer
WATCH: President Obama's burger run
WATCH: Plus Size Models Recreate Sports Illustrated Cover
WATCH: Nicki Minaj releases music video for 'Pills N Potions'
WATCH: 'Mystery monster' Eats Great White Shark
WATCH: Mila Warns Men Against The Phrase 'We're Pregnant! '
WATCH: Kris Jenner breaks her silence on Rob Kardashian drama
WATCH: Just A Little Drum Beatin'
WATCH: Jennifer Lopez scares the 'Tight Pants' off Jimmy Fallon
WATCH: Jason Derulo's 'Wiggle' gets a dog gone remix
WATCH: Is This What the Future Holds For Aviation?
WATCH: Half Naked Guy Does The Best Jason Derulo "Wiggle" Cover
WATCH: 'Dumb And Dumber To' Official Trailer Premiere
WATCH: Chris Brown has wild homecoming party after jail release
WATCH: Big Brother Surprises His Little Brother
WATCH: Bend It Like Beagle!
WATCH: A Man Stuck Overnight at an Airport...So This is What Happens!
Volkswagen - Eyes on the road
VIDEO: Malfunction Elevator Goes Up Crashing Through The ROOF
VIDEO: A Little Girl Eats a Raw Onion & Looks Miserable . . .
Shailene Woodley Wigs Out!
Seattle Symphony Performs "Baby Got Back"
RIP: World's Oldest Man Dies At 111
Raven Symone Starts College And A Possible New Life Journey?!
PSY and Snoop Dogg Duet [LISTEN]
PHOTOS: Iggy Azalea & boyfriend celebrate their birthdays on a boat
Pharrell Williams Receives Key To Hometown!
Once Upon A Time And Frozen Collide!
New App Will Help You Catfish On FACETIME!
Lil' Kim Has Popped!
Kitten VS. Baby
Jason Derulo's Wiggle + Dogs = WATCH THIS!
I'M SO PREGNANT - Iggy Azale...Fancy Parody
Idiot Of The Day
Guy Fights Great White Shark!
Florida Is The Most Stressed State!
Everything You Need To Know About Selfies! {WATCH}
Can Kelly Rowland Be Pregnant?
Calvin Harris And Rita Ora Announce Split!
Best Father's Day Surprise!
Anna Kendrick, Still Single and Ready to Mingle!
An Ex Is An Ex For A Reason!
Adam Levine Apologizes To Ex's!
WATCH: Woman Swims and Even Pets Sharks!
Which Celeb Does Demi Lovato Have A Style Crush On?
WATCH: Taming the Untamed
WATCH: Homeless Dog Gets a Makeover that Saves His Life!
WATCH: Guy uses Snapchat to perform covers of popular songs
WATCH: Exclusive Behind The Scenes Look at 'The Price Is Right'
WATCH: Even Cats Turn Up!!
WATCH:50 cent And Jimmy Kimmel Spoof Disney's Maleficent!
VIDEO: Nothing Says 'Romance' Like An Airplane Wedding #FlightYes14
Tracy Morgan Critically Injured in Crash
TLC slams Rihanna for showing too much skin
Super Bowl 50 Reveals New Logo!
PHOTO: Jennifer Lopez brings back her famous Grammy dress...sort of
Melissa McCarthy: Why She's Starting Her Own Plus Size Clothing Line
Man Suffered Detached Retina Because of Texting
Life Lesson's from P. Diddy!
Do You Agree?!
Are Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart OVER?!
Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Spotted Ring Shopping!
Air Conditioning Fixed At AT&T Center; Gatorade Apologizes For Anti-Lebron Tweets
What's Better than 'Wonder Years' Selfies And Their DVD Release?!
WATCH: Worst guess in the history of Wheel of Fortune
[WATCH] What Happens Inside A Dishwasher
WATCH: Wedding Disasters Are Never A Good Thing!
WATCH: Wanna Live To 100 Years Old?
WATCH: Usher Jumps Into Pool In Slow Motion
WATCH: Unauthorized Footage Surfaces of President Barack Obama Exercising
WATCH: Tim Horton's Drive Thru Marriage Proposal
WATCH: This May Have Just Been The Best Part Of The Spelling Bee!
WATCH :This Double Amputee Cat Has Some Tricks!
WATCH: The Synchronization Of This Dance Is INSANE!
WATCH: Seven Year Old Black Belt
WATCH: Sam Smith teams up with Mary J. Blige for 'Stay With Me' duet
WATCH: Ryan Lewis asks fans if they know who he is
WATCH: Red Carpet Prankster Vitalii Sediuk Banned From Hollywood Events
WATCH: Puppy Hilariously Reenacts How We Wake Up!
WATCH: Prank of the Day!
WATCH: Phil Collins Surprises One Lucky Florida School!
WATCH: Panera Bread to Remove All Artificial Ingredients!
WATCH: Not Again, Luke!
WATCH: Kendall, Kylie Jenner talk Kimye Wedding on 'Tonight Show'
WATCH: Jennifer Lopez shares 'First Love' music video
WATCH: If Humans Acted Like Dogs!
WATCH: Hilarious trailer of 'Annie' Remake with Jamie Foxx
WATCH: Goat Latched On For Dear Life!
WATCH: Freaks of the Garden Sale
WATCH: Evolution of Miley Cyrus!
WATCH: Dayton Dragons Signs To Deaf Boy
WATCH: Child Falls Asleep At The Wheel Of Their Toy Car
WATCH: Charlize Theron Spills About Press Intrusion
WATCH: Baby's First Laugh!
WATCH: Babies + Laser Pointers = Happiness
WATCH: Ariana Grande Debuts 'Problem' Music Video!
WATCH: Americans Taste Int'l Liquors
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Kid thinks he's going to get arrested
Vanessa Hudgens Is The Next Celeb To Add a Blue Hue!
Tyra Banks Is Returning!
'The Brady Bunch's' Alice dies at 88!
The Biggest FAILS from the Month of May!!!
Sports Illustrated Gets a Big Makeover #SexyAtEveryCurve!
Serena Williams Crashes a Wedding!
Sam Smith comes out as gay, reveals new album's inspiration
REPORT: Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant, expecting third baby with Scott Disick
Remembering Maya Angelou
PSY Announces New Single, 'Gangnam Style' Hits 2 Billion Views On Youtube
PHOTO: Rihanna Leaves (Very) Little To The Imagination
PHOTO: Mariah Carey wears a gown to the playground
NSFW - Does This Make Justin Bieber Racist?
New Coca Cola Campaign Embraces New Friendships!
Miley Cyrus' Home Burglarized, Maserati Stolen!
Mariah Carey Rides The Subway In A Gown!
La Toya Jackson Engaged To Jeffre Phillips!
KimYe Wedding Photo Becomes Most-liked On Instagram
Khloé Kardashian Goes French--Montana, That Is
Katy Perry Reveals New Love Details in Latest Cosmopolitan
Jaden Smith Had An Interesting Outfit Choice For The KimYe Wedding!
Here It Is Ladies, The 8 Guys To Never Fall In Love With!
Harriette Thompson, 91 Year Old Runner, Finishes San Diego Marathon!
Guy Drops "Deez Nuts" Joke On People's Court Reporter
Fan Buys Whitney Houston's Home for $1.5 Million
Fact or Fiction: Is Pregnancy Contagious?
Eighteen-Years-Old And Posing Topless For Interview Magazine?
Dan Marino Joins NFL Lawsuit
Can You Trust Your Ears? Audio Illusions! {Watch}
Bride Straps New Born Child To The Train Of Her Wedding Dress
Brett Michael's Forced Off Stage Due To Medical Scare
Attention: World's First Elephant Selfie is HERE!
12 Food Facts You Won't Believe! {WATCH}



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