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Katy Perry Reveals New Love Details in Latest Cosmopolitan

Katy Perry Reveals New Love Details in Latest Cosmopolitan

Pop star Katy Perry covers the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine in which she spills the beans on the secrets of her "hot n cold" love life.

In the latest interview with the magazine, Perry states how she continues to attract "high-frequency men," while still making sure to wear rose quartz in order to attract, well, more men.

Perry revealed that she only has sex with someone she shares a connection with, rather than a one-night stand.

She went on to talk about her longest dry spell, stating that it was, "Maybe six months or a year," and adding, "I don't stay single for long."

In retrospect, her failed marriage with comedian Russell Brand in 2012, as well as her ended relationship with John Mayer, have taught the star invaluable life lessons.

As for now, the 29 year-old beauty is focused on her music (and hoping her love gems will bring her a new hunk).



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