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Radio WHAT - News Archive - March 2014

WATCH: Who's the boss?
WATCH: This lady dancing to "Ice Ice Baby"
WATCH: Spray on pants!
WATCH: Pitbull releases "Wild Wild Love" video.
WATCH: BEST DUET!! Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel Sing!!
Was this Selena Gomez's "big surprise"?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Official Trailer! 2014! {WATCH}
Student writes hate letter to teacher!
PHOTO: Britney Spears flaunts fit bikini bod
LeBron James Brings Dream to Life for Girl with Cancer (VIDEOS)
Kesha rocks her first post-rehab appearance!
"How I Met Your Mother" Comes To An End Tonight
"Harry Potter" Spinoff "Fantastic Beasts" Will Be A Trilogy
'Harry Potter' is getting a spin-off
Disney's "Frozen" Breaks Record! (WATCH)
Chelsea Handler and her show Chelsea Lately are leaving E!
Christina Aguilera Reveals She's Having a Baby ___!!
Zac Efron Was Punched In The Face!
What the what?! An ACTUAL ghost caught on video surveillance!!
WATCH: This Little Girl and Her Horse Will Make You Melt!
WATCH: Selena Gomez gives emotional We Day speech
WATCH: Explaining "Wingmanning" To Grandpa
WATCH: Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like If Starbucks Had Bouncers?
WATCH: Channing Tatum Sends Video To A Special Fan
WATCH: Bill Cosby Walking A Tightrope
WATCH: Big Brother Makes Overly Clear That He Doesn't Want Another Baby Sister
WATCH: America's Most Heartless School Suspends Girl Who Shaved Her Head to Support Cancer-Stricken Friend
Alicia Keys looks more than ready for spring
A "Walking Dead" Themed Beer Has Actual Brains In It!
Traffic Closures Begin Thursday Night In Downtown Miami For The Ultra Music Festival
These Are The Craziest (And Some of the Nastiest) Food Combinations I've Ever Heard Of
The 'Fabulous Life" of Jay Z & Beyonce
Teen Gets $31K In Bank Error
Talk About Karma!!! Road Rage Caught On Camera!!
Someone let this kitty take a cat nap!
Shakira is a runaway bride!
Nancy Grace likes to talk about porn
My dad has the same moves!
Jennifer Lopez drops F-Bomb on Idol (WATCH)
Is THIS man the hottest subway security guard you've ever seen?
Guess Who Chris Martin Was Caught Cheating With!
Girls Quits Her Job With A Series of Pictures and Dry Erase Board...And Probably Wasn't Expecting Her Boss' Response
Happy Birthday to @LadyGaGa #GOLDENBIRTHDAY
Channing Tatum Sends Video to Little Girl w/ Cancer
Britney Showing Off her Hot Bod on Family Vacay (PICS)
Anna Wintour defends Kim Kardashian & Kanye West 'Vogue' cover
WATCH: Kim Kardashian explains how she kept 'Vogue' cover a secret
Find out what Naomi Campbell thinks of KimYe's 'Vogue' cover!
10,000 Calorie Burger within a Burger!
WATCH: The Difference Between Men and Women in the Morning
Well that was easy fishing!
PHOTO: Selena Gomez working on a 'secret project'
New app tells you when to go to the bathroom!
'With hearts full of sadness,' Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin separate
WATCH: This Guy Deserves the Brother of the Decade Award
Video captures dramatic rescue of construction worker during apartment fire
This woman is caught digging for treasure round the back hatch
Puff Daddy, P.Diddy, Diddy's name keeps changing!
PHOTO: Lauren Conrad and her dog are twinning!
Oprah's Self-Help Show is Heading to Miami!!
Miley Cyrus Posts Bikini Photo Before Dallas Concert, Adds in Her Own Sun
Lady Gaga Admits to Being Submissive to Boyfriend, Taylor Kinney
Former Baywatch Babe Proves She's Still Got It! (VOTE)
Boyton Beach Cop Shows Off His Dance Skills! (VIDEO)
27 year old med student sells her virginity for 400K! NSFW
2Pac, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis are ALIVE!
WATCH: Naomi Campbell's Reaction To Kim & Kanye's Vogue Cover
Breaking News! Breastfeeding Cream Is The Best Lip Balm!
Dad uses 'rocket' removal technique to help son with loose tooth!
Taylor Swift Finally Gets Restraining Order Against A Crazy Stalker!
Jay Z On The Cover Of New York Magazine
WATCH: Treadmill Desks??? Really?
WATCH THIS: Park Ranger has moves!
WATCH: Skrillex Run Directly Into Spaceship
WATCH: Men Who Jumped From WTC Turned Themselves In
WATCH: Couple Makes Amazing Pregnancy Video
WATCH: Baby has converstaion with Dad
WATCH: Arnold Schwarzenegger In Jimmy Fallon's Skit!
Two Go Home In First "Dancing" Elimination This Season (VIDEOS)
"Thor" Chris Hemsworth's Twin Babies' Names Revealed! (LOOK)
Miley Cyrus $5000 Birthday Cake
Do you believe in ghosts?
Dad Makes His Daughter Promise To Never Have A Boyfriend [Video]
Are Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls planning a joint tour?
Shakira Becomes Most-Liked Musician On Facebook
James Franco & Seth Rogen poke fun at 'Kimye' 'Vogue' cover
How Ariana Grande broke three toes
Racism at the Barbershop? Makes You Think!
WATCH: This guy impersonates the voices of 14 singers!
WATCH: News Anchor Breaks Down When Boy She Helped Get Adopted Shows Up to Thank Her
WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Asks People An Unanswerable Question
WATCH: Emma Stone Breaks Down From Mel B Message AND Covers a Spice Girls Song
WATCH: Chris Brown 'Loyal' music video released while singer is in jail
David Guetta and his wife Cathy have reportedly ended their marriage.
REPORT: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are expecting!
Is Kanye West a vampire?!!!!!
Amanda Bynes is lookin' good after rehab
NEW: Lady Gaga Debuts "G.U.Y. - An ARTPOP Film" (WATCH)
Oprah's getting a Starbucks drink
Look Who's Pregnant!!! Mila & Ashton!!
WATCH: What happens when guys overreact!
We've Actually Made Here...We Now Have Selfie Sticks!
WATCH: President Obama Jokes: Ellen Oscar Selfie A "Cheap Stunt"
WATCH: Lady Gaga Preview's Her New Video
WATCH: Katy Perry "Dark Horse" sang in 20 styles
WATCH: Justin Timberlake-"Not A Bad Thing"
WATCH: Jimmy Fallon and Billy Joel Form a Two Man Doo-Wop Ipad Group
WATCH: Find out which star is spitting on the crowd!
WATCH: Emotional baby moved to tears with song!
WATCH: Colombian President Pees His Pants on National TV!
WATCH: Chris Brown goes from mansion to jail cell
VIDEO: 20 Different Versions of Katy Perry's Dark Horse
This nun killed it on the Voice of Italy!
THIS is why you don't lean on the glass at hockey games!
PHOTO: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian land 'Vogue' cover
NJ teen sneaks to the top of the 1 World Trade Center spire!
LeBron James' Sprite Mix 6; Limited-Edition Flavor! (VIDEO)
Kim Kardashian Dream Wedding (Cover) on Vogue
Guys doing their girlfriends' makeup!
Woman Loses iPhone And This Guy Makes EPIC Videos Before Returning It [Video]
WATCH: You might need a box of tissues for this!
WATCH: Crazy Man Pepper Sprays McDonald's Staff
This is What You Call a Hail Mary on "Wheel of Fortune" [Video]
This is how we should all wake up in the morning!
The price of Beyonce's new weave is out
Police in Gainesville looking for a serial urinator!
Must Be Nice! Oprah Winfrey And Starbucks Team For Oprah Chai Tea
More names of Lindsay Lohan's famous lovers list revealed!
Look at who's still breaking bread after all these years!
Justin Timberlake searches for engaged couple riding Long Island Rail Road in 'Not a Bad Thing' video
If This Doesn't Make You Hug Your Dog Or Cat I Don't Know What Will! WOW!
Spring Begins at 12:57 ET today...So crank Stevie B - Spring Love up!
Eminem and Rihanna team up for 'Monster' tour
Dudes In High Heels Dancing To The Spice Girls Are Taking Over The Web (Video)
Contestant Wins Impossible Wheel of Fortune Puzzle With One Guess
Chris Brown Gets Dumped!
Check Out Your Favorite Celebrities First Tweets Ever!
Black Friday SPRING EDITION at Walmart!
"Secret" App Raises $8.6 Million
Katy Perry spends half a million dollars on her assistants!
Weird Facts About Drugs You Probably Didn't Know
WATCH! Wet-n-Wild Video Captures Giant Fish Tank Bursting at Disney
WATCH: This puppy is confused
WATCH: This Is Why I Love Joel McHale!
WATCH THIS! if you were born in the 50's, 60's 70's or even 80's.
WATCH: Things Kids Do That Would Be Creepy If Adults Did Them
WATCH: Sports anchor gets to excited to get to a basketball game
WATCH: OUCH! Brandon Phillips Hit Umpire In A Sensitive Area!
WATCH: Now, You're Lipstick CAN Last All Day
WATCH: Miley Cyrus sings "Baby Got Back"
WATCH: Kim Kardashian gets massive transformation on 'Celebrities Undercover'
WATCH: Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" Pushes Envelope on DWTS!
WATCH: How To Steal From A Vending Machine
WATCH: Girl Juggles 5 Balls with Both Feet and Hands
WATCH: Doggy in a Football Uniform
WATCH: Cupcake Kid FINALLY Gets His Cupcake!!
WATCH: Car jump FAIL
WATCH: Best way to surprise your man when he's away
WATCH: An Elementary School Choir Sings 'Happy!'
WATCH: Anchorman 2 Releases Blooper Reel NSFW
WATCH: 49er Coach Jim Harbaugh Do Push-Ups With A Walrus
VIDEO: Shark Attack!
Derek And Julianne Hough Coming to South Florida
VIDEO: New Bieber Information Released
This guy sings "Let It Go' in over 10 different Disney voices!
A Pilot Offers A Simple Theory About The Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight!
Oh boy! Farrah Abraham Is A 'Singer" Now?!
New Head Lice Policy In Broward Schools
NEW Funny McDonald's Commercial Feat. LeBron James!
Miley Cyrus' Tour Bus Caught On Fire!
Man Drops The 'Deez Nuts' Line In Court!
LISTEN: Katy Perry's 'Dark Horse' James Bond-Style
Have You Had a Hangover???...And I'm Not Talking Alcohol!
"Drunk in Love" Like You've NEVER Heard it Off!! (Swing Style)
What Are YOU Going to Do WHEN You Win Mega Millions $400 Million Tonight?
Did Courtney Love Find The Missing Malaysia Airline Flight?
Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus Unfollow Each Other
Chris Brown Is STAYING In Jail!
Is Avril Lavigne The Most Famous Canadian Of All Time?!
Britney Spears attends sister Jamie Lynn's wedding
WOW!!! Look Who's Going on Tour Together This Fall!!!
WATCH: What this dog does when his owner leaves!
WATCH: What happens when you leave your pets home alone?
WATCH: This Playboy model is suing a man for $500,000 NSFW
WATCH: This is what your dog is probably doing when you leave
WATCH: This guys has one of the biggest biceps in the world
WATCH: The Yoga Pants Pranksters are at it again!
WATCH: Grandmothers read Beyonce's 'Drunk In Love' lyrics
WATCH: Earthquake hits in the middle of a news broadcast
One talented celebrity bashed Lady Gaga's fake vomit SXSW performance
"Dancing With The Stars" 18th Season Premieres Tonight
WATCH: Vanessa Hudgens performs dance to Beyonce's 'Yonce'
WATCH: This is horrible karaoke!
WATCH: Spray Paint Prank
WATCH: Seth Rogen describes Bieber as ‘Obnoxious’ and ‘Ungrateful’
WATCH: Rules For Dating A Coworker
WATCH: Parents lip sync to Frozen song PERFECTLY
WATCH: Mom *tries* to teach her daughter a life lesson
WATCH: Lady Gaga wears coffee filter dress for 'Jimmy Kimmel' appearance
WATCH: 73 Questions With Sarah Jessica Parker
Want To Model For Chris Brown?
(VIDEO) LeBron James: #GetCovered by March 31
The Best Way to Fly
School Plays Justin Bieber In Hallways
PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian Squeezes Into Kylie Jenner's Bikini
Pharrell Williams launching fragrance line named after album
Miley Cyrus meets fan with Leukemia after Twitter campaign
Lady Gaga Gets Vomited On NSFW
Jogger gets the Rocky Theme treatment
First Sniff! (first kiss parody)
Chris Brown jailed after being thrown out of rehab...again
Backstreet Boys announce North American tour with Avril Lavigne
High School Teachers Read Students Mean Tweets About Them!
WATCH: Chelsea Handler Busts Piers Morgan's Chops
Target Photoshops Junior's Swimsuit Model With Disastrous Results
Patients at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Jam to Pharrell's "Happy" (WATCH)
Obama goes shopping in NYC
Left-Lane Slowpokes May Be Georgia's Newest Criminals
Justin Bieber named 'Most Overexposed Celebrity' of 2014
Jason Derulo Presents: Celebrities Talkin' Dirty
'Fast & Furious 7' to resume filming
Ever wondered what to tip the pizza guy?
Chelsea Handler Let's Piers Morgan Have It!!!
5 Second Rule: Truth or Fiction?
WATCH: Will Ferrell videobombs Kiss Cam at Lakers game
WATCH: Wait for it...
WATCH: Robin Thicke takes off wedding ring
WATCH: President Obama on 'Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis'
WATCH: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez dance seductively
WATCH: Inspirational Quadriplegic Surfer
WATCH: 9 Urban Dictionary You Should Know
WATCH: 3-Year Old Tries to Negotiate for Cupcakes
THIS is the proper way to eat a cupcake
The Lil Wayne deposition you might have missed
Taylor Swift tops music Money Makers rankings for 2014
Snakes In A Cab!
PHOTO: Jennifer Lopez covers 'In Style'
PHOTO: $100 Wedding Dress!
Pharrell Happy Gets Geeked Out - STAR WARS STYLE
WATCH: Oral Pulling for Oral Health
Miley Cyrus performs in her undies after missing BANGERZ costume change
Lorde Lipstick From MAC!?
Justin Bieber's Miami Girl Sues 'New York Daily News'
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunite in Texas
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunite in Texas
Juan Pablo Doesn't Propose, Clare Makes Dramatic Exit On "The Bachelor"
How Much Do Celebs Charge For Appearances?
Happy 46th Birthday to Lisa Loeb
'Duck Dynasty’ star Sadie Robertson: Fame is not an excuse to lose your faith
Can You Guess Which Celebrity This Is?
Can You Go 10 Minutes Without Touching Your Phone?
A Teen Arrested For Trying To Give Miley Cyrus A Note
A set of fraternal twins in Australia spent upwards of $200K to look identical
Alright I Think I Got Him!
Would you guys ever rent a friend?
WATCH: What It's Like to 'Come Out'
WATCH: Aaron Paul and Michael Jackson Got Drunk Together!
New Miranda Album Will Drop June 3rd
Bieber's hilarious deposition video!
WATCH: Justin Bieber Deposition Video Leaked
"The Bachelor" Juan Pablo Makes His Final Decision Tonight
SAD Cover Of Pharrell's "Happy" Is AWESOME!
HBO GO Crashes During Finale Of "True Detective"
EDM Babies!
23 years ago this week! Mariah Carey - Someday
YOU DECIDE: MTV Movie Awards
What a lucky, adorable little boy!
WATCH: Krewella release music video for 'Enjoy The Ride'
Wake Up & Smell The Bacon! Get Your BACON APP!!
Is a 'Mean Girls' reunion finally happening?
"Grey's": Welcome Back, Isaiah! Goodbye Sandra!
Chrissy Tegan's Wedding Day Regret
65 Yr Old Trying To Beat Ellen's Retweet Record!
WATCH: Simon Cowell's first interview on baby Eric
WATCH: President Shows Some R-E-S-P-E-C-T To "Women of Soul"
WATCH: New Fall Out Boy Video, 'Rat A Tat'
WATCH: Let It Goat
TRAILER: "ANNIE" (..Like You've Never Seen Before!)
The Only Thing I Saw Is That He Didn't Wash His Hands
Queen + Adam Lambert team up for summer arena tour
Pharrell's "Happy" Gets Dogs & Cats DANCING! (VIDEO)
Miley Cyrus Just Called Katy Perry Out!
Michael Jackson Has A 31-Year-Old Son?!!
Look WHO Just Bought Justin Bieber's Mansion!!
LIKE SUGAR? Check out how LITTLE they are now recommending!
Khloe Kardashian Bares It All!
Is this dog saying "blah blah blah"?
Flashback Friday! This week 1994!
BroApp texts guys' girlfriends for them
Aaron Carter Wants To Win Hilary Duff Back!
A 78,583 Calorie Sandwich!!! (UGH)
WATCH: You won't believe what this Homeless man does after he thought he won the lottery.
WATCH: Pregnant Mom Drives Her Children Into The Ocean
WATCH: Is this a man or a woman?
WATCH: Find out why you've been pooping wrong! LOL
WATCH: Emoji music video for Beyonce's 'Drunk In Love'
WATCH: Adorbale Little Lara is Conducting a Church Choir in Her Own Little World
PHOTOS: Demi Lovato shaves her head
PHOTO: Miley Cyrus smooches female fan on stage
Oscars "Pizza Guy" Gets $1000 Tip! (VIDEO)
Matthew McConaughey Delray Beach Prom Date Pic!!
LOOK: Dios Mio!!! J-Lo and Ricky Martin are TOO Caliente in NEW Video!!
Little Boy Brings Drill Sergeant To Tears With Two Words [Video]
Justin Timberlake's Wife Jessica Biel's FAV Things!
Kim Kardashian Offended At The Vienna Ball
KATY PERRY: Hosts The Weather In Australia!
John Travolta gets another chance to pronounce Idina Menzel
Why does one of these dogs get to eat first?
WATCH: Try watching without crying!
(WATCH THIS) Beyonce: You Got Me Snatching Weaves!!
Watch The Oscars in 2 Minutes [VIDEO]
WATCH: Pink KILLS IT Singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" at Oscars!
WATCH: Miley Cyrus goes to 'prom' during concert
WATCH: Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz Do the 3-Legged Pants Dance
WATCH: Jennifer Lawrence trips and falls at the Oscars - again!
WATCH: 'Internet Famous' Short Film Trailer
WATCH: Don't make your ex mad!
Season 18 Cast & Pairs Of Dancing With The Stars Announced!
Paula Patton breaks silence on Robin Thicke split
Man tracks down abandoned baby he saved - in 1955
LOOK: Pharrell's Hat Goes to...ARBY'S!
Little Boy Finds $20 And Gives To Solider Who Reminded Him Of Deceased Father [Video]
LISTEN: Pharrell Williams addresses album cover criticism
LISTEN: Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz-Talk Dirty (Spanish Version)
Lady Gaga offers dinner with her family, clothes off her back for charity
Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel & The Roots Sing "Let It Go" from Frozen
Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars! So adorable
Jared Leto wins Best Supporting Actor at Oscars
Is This Really What Its Like To Have Kids?
Guess who bought Pharrell's hat?
FREE: IHOP is Celebrating #NATLPancakeDay Today!
Ellen DeGeneres BREAKS TWITTER RECORD With This Selfie! [Photo]
Did anyone see Adele last night?
Christian Gray AKA Jamie Dornin just learned how to walk! Too Funny!
AWESOME! Will Smith Recognizes Cameraman From "Fresh Prince" During Oscars! [Video]
This dog is so into his scalp massage! Watch below!
WATCH: LeBron James and Jimmy Fallon 'Wastepaper Basketball' Video
WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel chokes up helping 7-year-old cancer patient
WATCH: Amateur Snowboarder Fails Over & Over & Over
"Scandal" or "Escandalo!!" Hahahaha!!
Sarah Jessica Parker launches shoe collection!
PHOTOS: Beauty queen Lisa Opie shows off devilish body in angelic white bikini
Paula Deen compares herself to openly gay football player Michael Sam in a new interview that’s raising eyebrows.
Oscars 2014: What to look out for on the red carpet this year
Demi Lovato surprises kids at children's hospital
CrossFit could cause your muscle cells to explode
Chris Brown Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Among Other Things
WATCH: Selena Gomez thanks Demi Lovato in Humanitarian Award speech
WATCH: Obama and Biden show us their moves
WATCH: Fan grabs Justin Timberlake's butt during concert
Robin Thicke says "I'm gonna get my girl back..." [WATCH]
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are engaged!
A 12 second video with a abrupt ending
25 Years Ago! Flashback Friday! Debbie Gibson!
WATCH: Live TV Reporter Eats Her Own Snot On Air
Reminder Don't Film & Drive. Not Worth It
Majestic Hotel Fire Hot Springs Arkansas February 27 2014
WOW! 6 foods you're eating wrong!! [Video]
WATCH: Seth Rogen On C-SPAN
WATCH: Pharrell's 'Happy' Inspired a Ton of People to Be...Happy!
WATCH: Monkey Steals Camera And Takes A Selfie!
WATCH: John Legend's New Video, 'All Of Me'
WATCH: Hilarious Beyonce Parody
WATCH: Brave Divers Save Shark
WATCH: Beyonce Stops Show to Sing 'Happy Birthday' to a Fan
The Game Dated Kim Kardashian!?
Seth Meyers Fake Or Florida
Sandra Bullock Is Getting Paid $70 Million For 'Gravity' ?!



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