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Radio WHAT - News Archive - May 2014

Website That Can Tell You What Song You Were Conceived Too!
WATCH: World's Cutest Babies Talk Business
WATCH : One Direction's Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson Caught Smoking Some Mary Jane
WATCH: Is Violence Different Depending on Who the Victim Is???
WATCH: Guy meets Girl. Next Day Plans the Wedding. Romantic or...?
WATCH: Google's New Driverless Car
WATCH: Dangerously Close Tornado Watching
WATCH: Baby Bust a Move!!
WATCH: 50 cent Throws WORST 1st Pitch
WATCH: 5-Year is Faced with a Serious Dilemma!
Was Justin Bieber Busted AGAIN?
VIDEO: What Happens At Fatburger Stays At Fatburger, Right?
This Dog LOVES Road Trips!
WATCH: These Dogs Are More Spiritual Than You
Storm Chaser Gets Hit By Lighting [WATCH]
So, South Korea Has Female-Only Parking Now
Rick Ross Gets Face Tattoo!
Preschooler wants to be Batman
PHOTO: Jessica Simpson shows off her incredible bathing suit body
PHOTO: Emma Watson graduates from Brown University
NSFW: Lil' Wayne vs. Bieber's Manager
New Online Store Will Make It Easier To Imagine Clothes On Yourself!
LISTEN: O-Town debuts 'Skydive,' first song in 10 years
"I'll have a donut cheeseburger with a side of heart attack, please"
HOW MUCH Did Kayne West Pay For Lana Del Rey To Perform?!
Guy Orders World's Most Expensive Starbucks Drink
Grandma Gets Heated About The Heat
Did Adriana Lima and Justin Bieber Hook Up In Cannes?!
But Why?
Brad Pitt assaulted at 'Maleficent' premiere
A Guy Named Oleg Is Hacking Your Phone
WATCH: This Is What Happens When Two Strangers Approach a Street Performer Outside of a Grocery Store!
WATCH: Shakira releases 'La La La' Video Featuring Gerard Pique & son Milan
WATCH: Get It Together Jennifer Lawrence
Robin Thicke to release new album on July 1st
WATCH: Austin Mahone dedicates 'All I Ever Need' music video to...
Troian Bellisario Responds to 'Pretty Little Liars' Photoshop Criticism
PHOTOS: Beyonce debuts new look after Elevator-Gate
'Maxim' crowns Candice Swanepoel the Hottest Woman in the World
Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Kendrick Lamar to perform at Made In America Festival
It's official: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are married
Flashback: Kate Upton's first swimsuit photo shoot
PHOTOS: Kim Kardashian's 'Last Supper' with friends, bachelorette party in Paris
Brody Jenner reveals why he's not attending KimYe's wedding
Will Ferrell and Chad Smith Drum-Off
WATCH: What's Happening In the Background?
WATCH: Momma Bear Saves Cub From Highway!
WATCH: Marine Daniel Atwood Surprises Sister On Her Wedding Day
WATCH: Longest Bowling Strike EVER!
WATCH: College Students Recreate The "Friends" Intro
WATCH: Ashton Kutcher, Emma Stone and Sofía Vergara Read Mean Tweets About Themselves
See Robin Williams's $29.9 Million Napa Valley Villa
Note To Self: Don't Selfie While Driving.
'I GOT THIS' explains your favorite TV shows
Charlie Sheen goes off on Rihanna after restaurant snub
Are You Bikini Ready?
Student In Trouble Over Periodic Table
Watch the 'Girl Meets World' Opening Credits
WATCH: Kid Kills Michael Jackson Routine
WATCH: Justin Bieber Rap tupac Song 'Dear Mama' In Canne Club
WATCH: It's Always The Little Dog Who Thinks They Have The Power!
WATCH: Charlize Theron and Josh Hartnett play Charades on 'Jimmy Fallon'
WATCH: Brad Pitt joins Bruno Mars onstage at charity event
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Hero Cat Throws Out First Pitch
Taylor Swift featured in Toyota's asian traffic safety campaign
Star Wars: Force for Change - A Message from J.J. Abrams
Selena Gomez posts bikini shot, declares she's 'Taking My Power Back'
Rihanna signed phone to go on display
REPORT: Rachel Bilson is pregnant!
PHOTOS: Madonna & Katy Perry star in S&M themed photo shoot
PHOTO: 'Pretty Little Liars' cast poses for 'GQ'
John Legend inspires new grads during moving commencement speech
Jena Irene Reveals Advice She Got From Hayley Williams
Is Lana Del Rey performing at KimYe's wedding?
Iggy Azalea on How She Got Katy Perry to Give Her 'Black Widow'
How Much to Book Your Favorite Artist at Your Next Party?
Father and Daughter Lip Sync Iggy Azalea’s "Fancy"
Drew Barrymore Talks 'Platonic, Wonderful Love' for Adam Sandler
Caleb Johnson Talks 'Insane' Win on 'American Idol'
Angelina Jolie talks possibly running for office, wedding and more on 'GMA'
And the 'American Idol' season 13 winner is...
Young Baseball Fan Catches Foul Ball… See What Happens Next!
WATCH: This Dog Helps Mom Change New Babies Diaper!
WATCH: The Men Kill This Timberlake-Themed Groom's Dance
WATCH: SNL Spoofs The Jay And Solange Elevator Fight!
WATCH SNL Skit When Will The Bass Drop?
WATCH: Sandra Bullock Surprises Grads with a Beautiful Speech!
WATCH: Puppies Playing Outside For the First Time!
WATCH: Nip Syncing with Terry Crews and Jimmy Fallon
WATCH: Lost In Jellyfish Space
WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel mocks Jenner bad reading flub with 'The Kendall' E-Reader
WATCH: Iggy Azalea and Jimmy Kimmel "New Lyrics for Old People"
WATCH: Dog Accepts Diploma for Owner Who Passed Away
WATCH: Beyonce and Jay Z's explosive 'Run' trailer
WATCH: A Reporter Asks All The Celebrities He Interviewed To Congratulate His Fiancee!
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Surprise, you're going to be a GRANDMA!
Robin Thicke Tries To Woo Back Wife With Billboard Music Awards Performance
Phone broken by Rihanna auctioned for $66,500
Oh My! What Did Britney Spears Do Now?
Meet the one baby who doesn't want to build a snowman! haha :D
Maroon 5 to release new album 'V' in September
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West giving wedding guests private tour of Versailles
JP Taravella Senior Prank Leads To Craigslist
Jay-Z-Solange SNL Skit {WATCH}
Is Lindsay Lohan's Luck Turning Around?!
Groundbreaking Technology Could Soon Give Singers The Chance To Perform Again
Federal Judge Strikes Down Pennsylvania Same-Sex Marriage Ban
Embarrassing… Spaniard Cyclist Has An Early Celebration For Winning!
Did Kendall Jenner Almost Call 5 Seconds Of Summer 'One Direction' By Mistake?
Cristiano Ronaldo Poses Nude For Spanish Vogue [PIC]
Clothing Company Sues Taylor Swift Over Same-Name Brand
Ashley Tisdale Celebrates Her Bachelorette Weekend In Miami With Vanessa Hudgens!
And The 'Dancing With The Stars' Season 18 Winner Is…
WATCH: 'The View' brings back every co-jost in show's history for Barbara Walters
WATCH: Street Performer Marches Into Stores Screaming at the Top of His Lungs
WATCH: Prince Harry sends first tweet
WATCH: Iggy Azalea and Jimmy Kimmel translate 'Fancy' lyrics
WATCH: If You Ever See This Little Girl, DON'T HELP HER!
WATCH: Face2Face with Miriam our 'Truffle Girl'
WATCH: Barbara Walters' touching 'The View' farewell
VIRAL VIDEO: Cattle auctioneer becomes accidental rap god
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: PooPourri's Second Hand Stink
Twin Carries Her Injured Sister To The Finish Line!
This Is Why Cheerleading Is a Sport! Watch Below!
Solange Knowles posts Beyonce photo for #TBT
Replica Bad Motherf***** Wallet From Pulp Fiction Saves This Guy From A Ticket!
Prankster dives under America Ferrera's dress on Cannes red carpet
Pilot plunges plane 600 feet to avoid head-on collision
PHOTO: Jordin Sparks shows off bikini body
Not So Feng Shui? Kaley Cuoco Buy's Khloe Kardashian's Old House But Keeps Some stuff!
Mockingjay: Exclusive Digital First Look!
Missing Casey Kasem located, but still not home
Mariah Carey debuts new song 'You Don't Know What To Do' on 'The Today Show'
Knowles-Carter family issues statement on hotel video
Kindergarten Teacher Caught Bullying Student And Only Suspended For 10 Days!
Kesha & Ludacris join the panel for ABC's 'Rising Star' competition
Kendra Wilkinson welcomes a daughter
Jennifer Lawrence Get's Embarrassed In Front Of Jennifer Lopez!
LISTEN: Pharrell's 'Happy' is turned into lullaby
Guy Throws His Birthday At LAX Chili's!
Cher Lloyd Dishes on Her Collaboration With Demi Lovato
Caleb Johnson and Jena Irene Advance to 'American Idol' Finale
Are Kim and Kanye getting married in Italy?
Anchor rips into viewers that complain about storm coverage!
Amanda Bynes resurfaces, shares picture with sister on Twitter
17,000 Moms Signed Up On Cheating Website The Monday After Mother's Day
Zac Efron's shirtless scenes [WATCH]
You Wont Believe How Much Kate's Ring Is Worth!
Worst. Family Feud. Finish.
What are "you on... Diet Coke?"
WATCH: Students Paired with the Elderly to Learn English Will Make You Melt
WATCH: Someone Ate the Kitty Cat Treats.. But Who Was It?
WATCH: Shape Magazine Will Run Controversial Picture After All
WATCH: Shakira dares you to kiss her in the 'Dare' music video
WATCH: Mother and Son Kill Their Wedding Dance!
WATCH: Miley encourages pot smoking, not cigarettes
WATCH: Mila Kunis talks pregnancy cravings on 'Ellen'
WATCH: Michael Jackson's 'Love Never Felt So Good' Music Video Feat. Justin Timberlake Debuts
WATCH: Litter Laughter!
WATCH: James Franco talks Instagram activity on 'Late Show'
WATCH: If 'Frozen' was a horror movie
WATCH: Harry Styles Pull Downs His Pants!
WATCH: Father/Daughter Wedding Dance
WATCH: Ed Sheeran 'All Of The Stars' music video from 'The Fault In Our Stars'
WATCH: Coldplay's 'Sky Full Of Stars' in NBA commercial
WATCH: 'Big Mouth Lance Bass' singing fish on 'Jimmy Fallon'
WATCH: Australian TV Host Almost Shot Herself In the Head With A Nail Gun
WATCH: An EMT "Voguing!"
WATCH: 5 Year Old Make-A-Wish Girl, Addy, Becomes a Pop Star!
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Homeless Man Finds Out He Has a House
Usher enlists Chris Brown for song
The World May Look Like This 100 Years From Now!
The Point System to ground your kids!
The Person Who Leaked The Video of Solange Attacking Jay Z Got Paid How Much?!!!
The Difference Between Men and Woman
Terry Crews signs on as new host of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'
TALK DIRTY done in 20 different styles [LISTEN]
Solange deletes all photos of Beyonce from her Instagram
Same-Sex Couple Breaks The Selfie World Record.. in MIAMI!
Remember Payback is never good…
Reese Witherspoon drunk again!
Reese Witherspoon can't pronounce Cara Delevingne's name
Rare Ohio Mono Mono Twins Born Holding Hands!
Pricey Hand Procedure For A Better Engagement Ring Selfie!
PHOTO: Jennifer Lawrence covers 'Marie Claire'
Pharrell Battles Jimmy Kimmel in Selfie Contest
Paula Patton breaks her silence about split with Robin Thicke
Our Girl Selena Gomez Was NEVER Preggers!
Oprah Winfrey's 1983 audition tape!
NSFW: Wiping Poo On People Prank.. Classy
Nicki Minaj's new single is coming very soon
Miley Cyrus goes on profane rant against Liam Hemsworth
Messy Mother's Day Breakfast… It's The Thought That Counts Right?
Man Sings Puppies To Sleep With Lullaby :)
LISTEN: Danity Kane finally returns with new single 'Lemonade'
Leering, libidinous dads cause girl to get booted from prom!
Kim Kardashian writes essay on racism, discrimination and motherhood
Kim Kardashian Show's Off Flat Stomach In Pre-Wedding Selfie!
Kanye West posts touching tribute to his mother Donda
Jessie J reveals she suffered from stroke at age 18
Jay-Z Physically Attacked By Beyonce's Sister, Solange!
Is this tattoo a deal breaker!?
Is Snooki having a boy or girl??
Iggy Azalea: It's 'Very Cool' to Be on Jennifer Lopez's New Album
How to Ask Out a Girl (using her own advice)
Home, part of officer-involved shooting, explodes!
Hilary Duff Hits Recording Studio With Ed Sheeran
Great white shark attacks inflatable boat, off coast of South Africa!
Five Questions with Rita Ora
Family cat saves boy from a dog!
Dog vs. Child = A hero cat [VIDEO]
Close Call of the Day!
Call The Groomer's.. This Cat is WANTED!
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Bunny eats raspberries, gets 9 million views
Blind Dog Plays Fetch!
Ariana Grande reveals Zedd collaboration
Alicia Keys is the new face of Givenchy perfume
After Pop Star Shows Up HS Senior Ends Up With Two Prom Dates!
Adorable Toddler See's Fireworks For The First Time!
Woman Wins $1 Million From Publishers Clearing House Just As She Was About To Lose House [Video]
What If Woman's and Men's Roles Were Reversed?
WATCH: Usher unveils new single 'Good Kisser'
WATCH: SNL's 'The Beygency' trailer shows what happens when you question Beyonce
WATCH: Seth Rogen & Zac Efron join Jimmy Fallon for 'Ew!'
WATCH: Monks Do It B-Boy Style to Honor the Late Beastie Boy, MCA
WATCH: Miley Cyrus is ready to tour again with twerking video
WATCH: Kim Kardashian has narrowed down her wedding dress choices
WATCH: Justin Timberlake Says "Michael Jackson Pushed Me to Go Solo"
WATCH: Julia Roberts surprises Oscars pizza guy on 'Ellen'
WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel gets moms to shock kids with secrets for Mother's Day
WATCH: Jason Derulo Reveals Her Turn-Ons & Turn-Offs
WATCH: Hilarious Vine
Watch: Girl Fight
WATCH: Fake Abduction
This Walrus Has More Game Than U!
WATCH: Bryan Cranston has no clue what 'badonkadonk' means on 'Jimmy Fallon'
WATCH: Adriana Lima slams head into bus mirror in painful video
VIRAL VIDEO: Man does 'Napoleon Dynamite' dance for 100 straight days
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" in 20 Styles
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Guy Performs 100 Days of Same Dance
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Boy's Incredible Poem Will Give You Chills
Turn Down For WHAT Fail!!!!!
Taylor Swift's 'Daydream' at MET Gala follows cat-astrophe at gown fitting
SNL RECAP: Spider-Man's Andrew Garfield + Coldplay
Should Ryan Dress Like David Beckham for Wango Tango?
Selena Gomez & Taylor Swift shoot down rift rumors with MET Gala dance video
Sara Bareilles announces summer tour, shares 'I Choose You' music video
Rihanna's Instagram account disappears
PHOTO: Ugly, Rare Shark Caught Off Florida Coast
PHOTOS: Naya Rivera shows off stunning body in thong bikini
PHOTOS: Lady Gaga unveils new costumes on 'ARTPOP Ball'
PHOTOS: Justin Bieber & Lil Wayne help Floyd Mayweather make entrance
PHOTO: Red hot Jennifer Lopez sizzles on 'A.K.A.' album cover
PHOTO: Kim Kardashian flashes underwear in MET Gala wardrobe malfunction
PHOTO: Khloe Kardashian posts selfie of tiny waist
PHOTO: Jay Z puts a ring on it again at MET Gala
PHOTO: Adam Levine's platinum hairdo
Not Guilty Plea For Wrong-Way Driver
Monica Lewinsky corrects Beyonce lyric in 'Vanity Fair' tell-all
Megan Fox Shows off Photos of Her Sons on 'Ellen'
Lorde tweets about photog she claims is 'stalking' her
LISTEN: Jennifer Lopez talks new album 'A.K.A'
LISTEN: Beyonce's Isolated Vocals for "Love on Top"
Kristin Cavallari Gives Birth To Her Second Baby Boy!
Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler welcome baby boy Jaxon Wyatt
Kim Kardashian Sounds off on wedding rumors
Katy Perry teases 'Prismatic' tour photos
Katy Perry Reveals Her Style Inspiration for 'Prismatic' Tour
Justin Timberlake Reveals He Wrote *NSYNC's 'Gone' for Michael Jackson
Jennifer Lopez first female to receive Icon Award at The Billboard Music Awards
Jennifer Lopez Drops 'A.K.A.' Cover Art
ICYMI: It's a girl for Kerry Washington!
Hilary Duff recording song written by Ed Sheeran
Hayden Panettiere takes a tumble on tricky MET Gala red carpet
Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley introduces new dog via Twitter
Cody Simpson & Gigi Hadid call it quits
Chris Martin kisses Andrew Garfield, plays with Coldplay on 'SNL'
Chris Brown spends birthday in jail, Karrueche Tran shows support
Ariana Grande 'Excited' to Record With Justin Bieber
Adele's birthday tweet sparks album speculation
Adam Levine Dyes Hair Platinum Blonde
Usher Performs Dance Tribute During Michael Jackson Premiere!
Trapeze Collapse At Ringling Bros. Circus Critically Injures Acrobats
Sony Crams 3,700 Blu-Rays' Worth of Storage in a Single Cassette Tape
Kevin Spacey, Jimmy Fallon & The Ragtime Gals Turn 'Talk Dirty' Into A Barbershop Masterpiece
Google celebrates Audrey Hepburn's 85th birthday with pink doodle
Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone & Chris Martin Star In Seriously Awkward SNL Love Scene
Adam Levine Dyes His Hair Platinum Blonde, Poses With Behati Prinsloo: Picture
Star Wars Day 2014: Origins and How the Unofficial Holiday is Celebrated
WATCH: Special Guests Rita Ora, Mariah Carey, Oprah + More!
WATCH: Miley Cyrus-"Tongue Tied"
WATCH: Kid Takes Great Grandmother To Prom!
WATCH: A Street In Baltimore Collapse!
WATCH: 18 Month Old is Ready to Kickstart His Music Career!
T.I. Helps A Car Crash Victim!
AWESOME! Teen Takes Great-Granny to Prom!
Women We Heart: Jennifer Lawrence
WATCH: Don't Date A Married Woman. Ever.
WATCH: Storm Chaser Gets Stuck In A Tornado!
WATCH: College Student Serenades Ian Somerhalder
WATCH: Blake Shelton & Luke Bryan Confused by Ariana Grande's Performance
WATCH: Baby Gets Beyonce More Than You
WATCH: 62 Seniors Get Arrested Pulling Their Senior
Nick Carter & Jordan Knight teaming up for new album, tour
Miami is the Most Pampered Pet City in the US
Meet The Real Life Ken Doll
Life Hacks: Sneaking Into A Sports Game!
Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz are Photobomb Royalty
James Franco's Semi Naked Instagram Post [PIC]
Finally! Girl Meets World's Trailer & Premiere Date!
19 People Have A Worse Day at Work Than You! {WATCH}
WATCH: What an idiot!
Watch: This is some tough love!
WATCH: Teacher Arrested After Giving A Student A Lap Dance!
WATCH: Rock Climbing Bears!
WATCH: Police training gone wrong!
WATCH: Jimmy Fallon vs. Emma Stone in Lip Sync Battle
WATCH: How to put your dog to work!
WATCH: Guy Tries To Pull A Stunt At Graduation & Fails!
WATCH: Crazy, New, Dangerous Trend that Kids are Trying
WATCH: Can You Believe She's Only 7?
WATCH: Bruce Springsteen ROCKS the BB&T Center!!
WATCH: Baby tries salt and vinegar chips for the first time!
'Twilight' Retold With Bad Lip Reading in Hilarious Viral Video
To All You Bikers Out There: Dont Split Lanes!
This is a trailer for the movie "BOYHOOD"...and it looks amazing.
Spotted: Selena Gomez and Orlando Bloom photographed together
Someone Hijacked Baby Monitor To Spy On Baby!
SNEAK PEEK: 1st Annual iHeartRadio Music Awards
Rihanna's Latest Cover Bares All
Rihanna Goes Topless in French Magazine!! (PICS)
Report: Naya Rivera to be written off 'Glee' finale?
Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias announce dates for co-headlining tour
New ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Trailer (NOT Like You Remember Them) WATCH
New App Helps Free Up Your Phone's Storage Space!
Mariah Carey to kick off "Today" Show Summer Concert Series
LISTEN: The audio everyone is talking about today!
Ladies, we are a bunch of pervs!
Kim & Kanye Might Tie The Knot This Weekend?!
Justin Bieber Drops Two New Tracks: Listen
James Franco admits to hooking up with Lindsay Lohan
George Clooney Knows About Diamonds
George Clooney is engaged to Amal Alamuddin
FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston caught stealing!
Family models home after the one from 'Up'!
Emma Stone & Jimmy Fallon In a Lip-Synch Battle!
Does Mark Ballas Prefer Music Over Dancing?
Did you know your iPhone has been tracking your every move?
Chrissy Teigen Opens Up About Hubby John Legend & Reveals Craziest Place They've Had Sex!
Beyonce's touching tribute to 'beautiful' late fan
BEHIND THE SCENES: iHeartRadio Music Awards Rehearsals with Katy Tiz!
Awesome Mother & Son Wedding Dance!
Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Getting Married This Week?



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