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News Archive - September 2014

WATCH: Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' In American Sign Language
WATCH: Kid Rapper MattyB's Video Tribute To 'Awesome' Sister Goes Viral
This dog is pretty much an expert at this iPad game!
Sooooo Maybe This Kid DOES Lift!
Sexy 'Frozen' Halloween costumes (including Olaf) are here!
REPORT: Jason Derulo And Jordin Sparks Break Up
Loud Eating in the Library!
Youth Football Team VS Paper Banner: Who Wins? [Video]
What?? I'm not looking at your food!
What Does Google Think Of Celebrities? {WATCH}
NSFW WATCH: News Anchor Quits On-Air, Says She Owns Weed Shop
WATCH: Dad Catches Derek Jeter Foul Ball.....Daughter Throws It Back
Tiny Hamster Vs. Kobayashi! {WATCH}
This New Budweiser PSA Will Turn You Into A Puddle Of Mush...In a GOOD way!
This horse knows whats up.....It's ALL about that bass!
This Girl Had To Get A Shot & This is Her Reaction!
This AMAZING Dog Works at an Airport Returning Passenger's Lost Items!
That's ONE LUCKY Cyclist!
Sleepy boy in cart.....
Report: Kenan Thompson To Leave 'Saturday Night Live'
Pitbull - Fireball ft. John Ryan
Is This 21-Year-Old Canadian Girl the World's Sexiest Criminal?
Ellen delivers hilarious spoof of Matthew McConaughey's bull ad!
Can you laugh without smiling???
Biggest Anaconda Ever Found in Brazil!
A Florida Woman Had Surgery to Give Herself a Third Boob!
11 Year Old Dancer Is Amazing.....LOVE HER!
WATCH: I Would Poop My Pants If This Happened On My Flight!!
WATCH: First iPhone 6 Customer In Perth, Australia Drops It On Live TV!
This dog is joining Jurassic Park!
Think They Might Have Chosen the Wrong Drummer for the Job!?
Report: Kylie Jenner Wants To Pursue Music Career
Meet The 26yr old Homeless Guy That Has 1-Night Stands To Keep A Roof Over His Head
Mama June Separates from Sugar Bear
Jennifer Lopez - 'Booty' ft. Iggy Azalea
Check out Hannah Montana twerking!
WATCH: This Little Girl Recite Famous Lines From "Friends"
WATCH: People Don't Know Words To 'Star-Spangled Banner' On Jimmy Kimmel
WATCH: Peekaboo is No Longer Fun When Daddy Shaves His Beard
WATCH: If Girls Proposed to Guys
WATCH: Ed Sheeran's 'Baby One More Time' Freestyle
Usher tries to become an American Ninja Warrior!
This Great Dane Is Happy...And He Knows It!
Teenager Rubbed His Junk On Patron's Pizza!
[MUST SEE] Ellen and Kristen Wiig Take On Frozen's "Let It Go"
How To: Have Big Boobs, No Surgery!
‘Frozen’ getting its own Disney World attraction!
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling Welcome Baby Girl!
Ed Sheeran Does a BSB Mash-Up [WATCH]
A Woman Rides Around on a Motorcycle, Looking for Litterbugs & Then Throws Their Trash Back in Their Car!
WATCH: Little Girl Denies Using Mom's Makeup....With Lipstick On Her Face
[WATCH] Bride Saves Groom From Falling to His Death Off Cliff!
WATCH: Beyonce's Epic Response To Someone Who Said She Can't Sing
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Trailer – “The Mockingjay Lives”
Nerd Raps in the Hood!
Miss America 2015 Talent - Miss New York.... Talent or no talent!?
JIBO: The World's First Family Robot
HA this dog is not having any smooches by its owner!
Coke Brings Back Surge Soft Drink!
Apparently Kid’s First Ever TV Commercial For Freshpet
WATCH: Frat Boys' 'Shake It Off' Lip Dub is Hilarious
WATCH: Father and Daughter Have Dance Party to "All About That Bass"!
PHOTOS: Paris Hilton Drops $13K On World's Smallest Pomeranian
The Wonderwaist is designed to waist train! Would you guys try this!?
A guy brilliantly "Fixes" his meaningless tribal tattoo!
WATCH: Channing Tatum Is Afraid Of Dolls, So Ellen DeGeneres Exploits His Fear
WATCH: Blue Ivy Adorably Tells Beyonce 'Everybody Said, 'Good Job!' after VMAs performance!
Tonight Show Family Feud with Steve Harvey & Jason Segel
This guy was trying to launch his rap career, but his mom is killing his dreams....
The REAL Reason Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong!
The GREATEST Wedding Proposal EVER!!!
'The Boy Next Door' - Official Trailer
Student Forced to Wear 'Shame Suit' for Dress Code Violation
Pumpkin Spice #Oreo apparently is a thing!
Pros & Cons of Dating Britney Spears
Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Having Another Royal Baby!
PRANK OF THE DAY: Mutant Giant Spider Dog
'Napoleon Dynamite' Sends Well Wishes To Young Fan Battling Leukemia
LIVE COVERAGE: President Obama Addresses The Nation on the ISIS Threat
Just an armadillo, playing with a toy!
If College Freshmen Were Honest On Move-In Day
I can't believe this is real!
Girl Is Shocked When She Finds Out There's A Baby In There...
Girlfriend Makes Boyfriend Wear THIS Shirt Before Going On Vacation!
Ghost caught on camera leaving hotel room after "trashing it"
Freak Basketball Shot Saves Dad Millions Of Dollars!
Ellen’s Anaconda Video!
Ellen Meets the ‘Apparently’ Kid!
Dogs Get More Jealous Than Your Girl!
Disney's Recreation Of 'Duck Tales' With Real Ducks! [video]
Did Justin Really Cheat on Jessica???
Bunnies Tickle Attack!
Bored kid caught face-planting on White House couch!
Bigger Finger Means Bigger...... [READ]
Bieber Strips Down at Fashion Rocks Show [WATCH]
Ashley Tisdale Marries Musician Christopher French!
Ariana Grande Announces Tour Dates & Books 'SNL' Premiere
7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks
WATCH: Meghan Trainor, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Perform 'All About That Bass'
WATCH: Britney Spears Calls Out Her Cheating Ex Live On Stage In Las Vegas
WATCH: Bottle Break Trick Gone Wrong
Walter the Dog Makes a Mad Dash for the OCEAN!
Toilet Roll Changing - Teenage Instructional Video!
"The Little Rascals" Re-Created Their Movie Poster 20 Years Later
So this is how my dad peels apples...
PHOTOS: Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Wedding Pics
Looking for a toy for your kid & cat!?
Laugh of the Day! Snoop Duck
Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Wed in Lavish Florida Cermony
Carrie Underwood's Got a "Labor" Day Announcement!
Anybody Afraid of Spiders?
A dolphin knocks a surfer off his board!
87 Year-Old Mother With Alzheimer's Briefly Remembers Her Daughter



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