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News Archive - August 2014

WATCH: Friends Reunion on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Starbucks Employee Teaches An Autistic Man How To Order [Video]
Baby says goodbye to her pacifier!
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with a poop twist!
A homeless dog living on the railroad tracks gets rescued right before a train passes by.
Weird Things Couples Do In Public! LOL {WATCH}
#WEIRD Man Saves All His Toenails For What
WATCH: Chris Brown and Rihanna Have an Awkward Encounter
#VIDEO Caught Red/Chocolate Handed
The Sexiest Male Names
Strangers + dancing = Strancing
Shreddies award winning, patented, flatulence filtering underwear!
Report: 'Full House' TV Revival in the Works
PHOTOS: Jimmy Kimmel Takes L.A. Subway To #Emmys, Honors Robin Williams
#NEWS Reality Show Star Suing For How Much?!?!?
Miley Cyrus Reveals Inspiration for MTV VMAs Surprise Speech
Men Try Women's Makeup For The First Time
LISTEN: Jennifer Lopez Drops 'Booty' Remix Ft. Iggy Azalea
#LISTEN Isolated Vocals From #VMAS
If Guy Best Friends Acted Like Girl Best Friends
Funny Kid Protests Mother's Pregnancy
'Friends' Central Perk Pop Up Coffee Shop To Open In New York This Fall
Ellen DeGeneres & Chelsea's Handlers Nude Shower Fight!
Dog Carries Groceries In....Like a BAWSE! [Video]
Chinese Boy Survives After Car Runs Over Him!
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Got Married 5 Days Ago
Baby Loves Her Reflection So Much She Kisses Herself!
A Nail Polish That Could Save Your Life
What's Secretly Sexy About Women? {WATCH}
What if Michael Bay Directed "UP"?
Wedding Guests Break Out... Seasons of Love :)
WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Trims Jared Leto's Beard
WATCH: James Franco Pisses Off Jason Derulo, Iggy Azalea & Nicki Minaj In 'Interview'
They say a guy thinks about sex every 7 seconds....
Terrible Mall Commercial
Stripper Denies a Guy Sex, He Calls 911
REPORT: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Divorce 'A Done Deal'
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Gone Wrong - FAIL #ALSIceBucketChallenge
Magician Tries To Sell Weed To Cops #nsfw
Miley Cyrus To Perform On Final Episode Of 'Chelsea Lately'
ME every morning!
#ManServants Would you order this service!?
Little League Coach Gives Inspiring Speech After Team Loses
Kids Imagine Adulthood....
Kendra Wilkinson Says Marriage to Hank Baskett Is "Down the Drain," Admits She Flushed Her Wedding Ring
Katy Perry gets her nose pierced, again!
Jessica Simpson's New Perfume Commercial....We think!
NEWS/ Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin Are Seeing Each Other
How the sun sees you! Makes me want to use sunscreen everyday, all day!
How Left Or Right Handed Are You? {WATCH}
Guy on a Motorcycle Crashes Into the Back of a Car & Lands on His Feet . . . on the Roof of the Car!
Guy Loses Fantasy Football League....Has To Shoot Embarrassing Calendar
Grouper eats 4ft shark in one bite!
Funny reporter bloopers!! Watch!
Dog Walks Baby....
Dogs get scared of the most random things.....
Does it fit!?
Daddy took my ear & nose!!!
Crocodile chases little boy in Mexico river!
Corgi the Dog gets a massage!
Cop Saves Woman From Choking On Hot Dog While Driving
Charlie Sheen -- Ice Bucket Challenge with a BIG Twist
Baby Tortoise Pursues A Toy Car....
Ariana Grande's new song!
A Guy Proposed to His Girlfriend in the Middle of Her "Ice Bucket Challenge" [Video]
24 Questions You Should Actually Ask On A First Date! {WATCH}
5 yeard old vs Mickey Mouse
Would You Have Said Yes To This Proposal?
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Wedding Photo's Take A Wet Turn
Watch: This Penguin Just Walked into A Restaurant
WATCH: Son Surprises His Mom With Her Dream Car!
Watch: Prancercise: The NEW Exercise!
WATCH: Most Dedicated McDonalds Customer Ever!
WATCH Little Girl Tries To Nap WIth Her Lazy Dog
WATCH: Jimmy Fallon And The Roots Accept ALS Challenge!
Watch: "Fancy" like you've never heard, or seen before!
WATCH: Don't Think She'll Ever Forget This!
WATCH: Classic Prank!
Watch: Baby Bouncin' Around to 2Chains!
WATCH: Ariana Grande Debuts 'Break Free' Music Video Feat. Zedd
WATCH: Adorable Baby Cub Trio!
NSFW: Did Anyone Ever Notice This?!
"Sarah, Help Me!"
Miley Get's A Pig!
Los Angeles Clippers Officially Sold!
Little Girl Cries When She Finds Out the Photo She Deleted Is Gone Forever
Kendall Jenner Tries To Skip The Tip…
Chris Brown Attends Rihanna And Eminem's 'Monster Tour'
WATCH: The Manning Brothers Are Back Again With Another Music Video!
WATCH: Magician Scares Dogs With Levitating Sausage!
WATCH: Good Luck Watching This One!
Watch: Dog vs. Shark- Happy Shark Week
This is Why You CANNOT Put Metal In a Microwave
NSFW: WATCH: If Girls Hit On Guys How They Hit On Girls
If Only Every Man Could Start Their Day Like This...
Doctors Find Extra Tooth in Guy's Nose
Dating Now Vs. The '90s! {WATCH}
Robin Williams Dead Of Apparent Suicide
Beware, Mountain Lion On the Loose!!
Woman Learns She Married Her Brother!
WATCH: This Guy Recreates Shakira Music Video!
WATCH: The new tattoo to unlock your phone!
Watch: The LION KING Broadway takes over NYC Subway!
Watch: The Easiest Way to Order Pizza Ever
Watch: Shark Pukes on a Guy's Face!
WATCH: Saved By The Bell Lifetime TV Movie Trailer!
WATCH: Lily Allen Twerks With Miley Cyrus On Stage
Watch: Guy Finds His Wife Drunk Making "Grilled Cheezes"
Watch: Fishmonger Shark Attack Prank!
WATCH: 'Fifty Shades of Frozen' Trailer
WATCH: Blast From The Past!!
WATCH: Beyonce Impersonator!
Was Ariana Grande Seen Kissing Big Sean at The Movies!?
The BFF Test: Is She Really Your Bestie?
Strahan and Murphy Have Called It Quits!
Rob Kardashian Agrees To Go to Rehab!
Miley's New Tattoo!
Kim Kardashian Publishing Book Of #Selfies
'Hot Convict' Action Figure!
Colton Haynes Hilariously Live Tweets Awkward First Date
Chris Brown Makes Karrueche Tran His 'Woman Crush Wednesday' After Split
Britney's Son Skateboards & It's SO Cute! Watch As She Cheers Him On!
Barack Obama Singing Fancy by Iggy Azalea! {WATCH}
WATCH: Who Did Kanye Call When He Was In Prison?
WATCH: The Company Dance Crew Presents 'Turn Down For What'
WATCH: Taylor visits Jordan at Boston Children's Hospital
WATCH: Poor Little Fishy!
WATCH: Penguin Helps Man Propose To Girlfriend
WATCH: Oh Snap!
WATCH: McKayla Maroney Cartwheels And Flips Her Way To A First Pitch!
WATCH: Mama Fails Putting Her Kiddies to Bed
WATCH: Lion Cub Sneaks Up On A Dog And His Reaction Is Priceless
WATCH: Kim Kardashian & Jimmy Kimmel Compete In Diaper Changing Contest
WATCH: Jet Ski Crash Bahamas!
WATCH: Is This Woman For Real? I'm Not Buying It!
WATCH: How To Kiss A Girl in 10 Seconds
WATCH: Baby Deer Just Wants Some Love
WATCH: Awesome kiddo, steals the show!
WATCH: A Sad Man Looks For A Party!
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Best or Worst Commercial Ever?
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: Amazing "SURPRISE" announcement using Coke!
Vin Diesel Covers Sam Smith... And Yes, It's Everything!
Spurs Hire Becky Hammon!!!
Sam Smith's Shares A Surprise With US!
PHOTO: Niall Horan Tries On Miley Cyrus' Super-Tight Leggings
Olivia Wilde Breastfeeds in Glamour Spread
Military Dad Has The Best Role In Daughter's Engagement!
Married Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones Captured in Scandalous Photographs!
Male Model + $50,000 = ??????
Justin Bieber Ringtone Stops Bear Attack
Have you Ever Seen CUTE Medieval Knights?
Frustrated Driver Makes His Own Parking Spot
EMTs Break Into Hot Car to Save Doll
WATCH: Even David Guetta Makes Big Mistakes
WATCH: Ed Sheeran Shares 'Don't' Music Video
WATCH: Creepy Harrisburg Haunted House!
WATCH: Baby Girl Freaks Out When Katy Perry Comes on the Radio
Eminem Surprises Lollapalooza Crowd with Special Guest Rihanna!
Couple Realizes They Had Crossed Paths Before Getting Engaged!
What Happens When Your Wife Doesn't Want To Take Maternity Pictures....
Watch: This guy did NOT have a good day...
WATCH: 'The Worst Beat In The History of Tournament Poker'
WATCH: Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber Fight Caught On Camera
Watch: Katy Perry's New Music Video!
WATCH: In Case You Missed It Here Yah Go!
Watch: Hilary Duff's New Music Video...What do you think?
WATCH: Fan With No Arms Throws Out First Pitch
WATCH: Even Swans Hate Selfies!
WATCH: Drunk Guy Eats The Pizza Box!
WATCH: Big Sis Cry Because She Doesn't Want Her Lil Bro To Grow Up
VIRAL RIGHT NOW: "Get Out of the Water" Shark Scare
PHOTO: Christina Aguilera Poses Naked With Baby Bump For 'V Magazine'
Next Time You See Pitbull, He Might Be An Impersonator!
MUST WATCH: This Video Will Change The Way You Think
JRAND is the pretzle man...!!
Introducing the Man Spanx & Mirdle!!
IGGY Casted in Fast & Furious 7
ATM Gives out Presents...What?!
Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz Expecting Second Child


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