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WATCH: Ed Sheeran Shares 'Don't' Music Video

WATCH: Ed Sheeran Shares 'Don't' Music Video

Despite "Don't," reportedly, being written about Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran takes a rather different, more metaphorical approach to the song’s official music video. There’s nary a Goulding reference; instead, a man awakens outside on a mattress and proceeds to body pop down the street. As it progresses, you get the impression Sheeran is sharing his rags to riches stories, in as bizarre way as possible. Directed by Emil Nava, the clip is a mind-boggling piece of art.

The shirtless hunk, who eventually finds himself in an upscale mansion in a suit, plunges into a pool, too, and yes, he dances more. “Don’t f*** with my love. That heart is so cold, all over my home,” Sheeran sings on the groovy hip-hop chorus, as the unnamed man enjoys the high-life. “I don’t wanna know that babe. Don’t f*** with my love. I told her she knows. Take aim and reload. I don’t wanna know that babe.” What better revenge (especially aimed at former lovers) is there than living your life? That’s the lesson here.

The song, produced by Benny Blanco and Rick Rubin, serves as the second single from his blockbuster x disc, which is currently enjoying landmark success in the UK. “Don’t” follows the success of “Sing,” the music video featured plenty of muppets.

Sheeran is set to release the Don't EP on Aug. 24 to include a Rick Ross remix of the song. “Be My Husband (live from Glastonbury)” and “Everything You Are” will also be on the set.



Ed Sheeran - Don't [Official Video]


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