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Radio WHAT News Archive - March 2015

WATCH: Justin Bieber Surprises Ariana Grande On Stage And Forgets The Words!
Peyton 'Peanut' dancing at Rupp Arena at Sweet 16
Poor Cat struggles to get into a hammock!
Monkey petting puppies!!!!
Justin Timberlake To Be Honored With Innovator Award At 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards
Hottest Math Teacher EVER????
Hilarious moment weatherman finds HANGER in his suit
Couples Tell Each Other An Embarrassing Secret! {WATCH}
CAUGHT ON VIDEO: How mad would you be if this happened to you?
Would You Want To See Your Reaction To A Proposal? 10 Ring Cam Proposals in 60 Seconds
Would you be upset if your man reacted like this after being told he would be a father?
Women Try Kylie Jenner Lips For The First Time! {WATCH}
Woman gets WHAM SAUCED!
WATCH: Entourage - Official Trailer :D
WATCH: Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift Spotted Getting Close At Kenny Chesney Show
WATCH: Ariana Grande Has Sing-Off In 'Ew!' Sketch With Jimmy Fallon
This Guy Getting Down To 'Uptown Funk' In The Car Is All Of Us
The One Video That Can Change The World!
Teen Finds Unexplainable Figure In Selfie
Stolen dog Jasper is reunited with his owner!
Robber RIPPED Through the Ceiling at Wal-Mart & Got Away! It Was All Caught on Video!
People Like You Read #FamousLastTexts
Models Pranked With Liquid POO Spray!
Miami gets One-Hour Delivery Service from Amazon!
Mariah does "CAR KARAOKE"!!!
Man Gives Weather Report In An Elevator?!
Kerry Washington's Powerful Speech! #glaadawards
Humans Learn To Catch Food...Like A Dog
Guy Interrupts Turtles Mating...Slowest Chase Ever Ensues!
Guy in Italy Gave the Pope a Pizza as He Drove By!
Girl Surprises Grandma By Wearing Her Old Prom Dress!
Flash Mob Wedding Proposal Goes Viral!
Eva Mendes talks about her 'No Sweatpants' Rule to Keep Ryan Gosling Happy at Home
EPIC fail at the gym!
Ed Sheeran crashes wedding.
BANK accidentally made this lad £1.25 Million Richer!
Baby Claps Hands In Ultrasound!
Ariana Grande had a moment while singing 'My Everything'
Ariana Grande Does a Spot-On Celine Dion Impression {WATCH}
After Boyfriend Leaves Room, Security Cam Catches Her.....
15-Year-Old Got His Wisdom Teeth Out & Thought He Was 13 Again
13 Year Old Transgender Student Coming Out Speech To His Class!
Women Wear Stilettos For The First Time! {WATCH}
Woman Smoked a Cigarette on a Plane & Tried to Blame It on the Guy Next to Her
Woman & child attacked for walking in a black neighborhood!
WATCH: Baby Scare Prank
WATCH: Baby Can't Stop Laughing at Her Mom Eating Chips
WATCH: Ariana Grande & Big Sean's Secret Handshake Is Downright Adorable!
WATCH: Adam Levine Accidentally Hits Fan In Head With Mic During Concert
VIRAL VIDEO: Uptown Funk Treadmill Dance!
Trio of Aussie girls jam out in the car to ‘Bohemian Carsody’
Tiger attacks a man riding an elephant!
The ultrasound was wrong... it's a boy!
These girls doing an ab workout to Uptown funk will make U want to hit the gym!
Tan Mom Won't Ever Stop (Sorry/You're Welcome)
Pink Spring Break w/ Cody Simpson & his girl friend & model GiGi Hadid
Outrageous Video Shows 15 Maggots Removed From Girl’s Gum
North West getting dragged through the airport on her 'Frozen' bag!
Madonna & Justin Bieber Play "Never Have I Ever" On Ellen!
Kevin Hart & Will Ferrell Failed Audition Tapes!
Have you seen the Leprechaun!?
Guy takes selfie next to fire & then this happened.....
Guy Prank Calls Political Show as Fresh Prince of Bel Air
Great-Grandma Goes Skydiving For 100th Bday
Father takes his 9-month-old son bodyboarding
Drunk Guy Tries to Ride a Skateboard Home from the Bar
Do You Hear That Bass Mom?
Coach Saves Gymnast's Life Twice Within Seconds! [Video]
Chimpanzee returns to hug carer before being release into the wild!
Cat Gets Purr-fect Revenge On MEAN Owner
Birthday Party EXPLOSION!
Adorable TODDLER sings along to Ed Sheeran!
WATCH: Robert Downey Jr. Presents Iron Man Arm to Boy, 7
WATCH: Moron Robs Reporter On Live TV
WATCH: Dog Sees His Owner For First Time In Two Years!!!
WATCH: A Guy Set a World Record by Telling 26 Jokes in 60 Seconds
Moment woman is taken to clinic for 'surprise' boob job for her birthday!
Middle School Basketball Players Stopped a Game Because Fans Were Picking on a Cheerleader with Down Syndrome
Kid Shouts "Ew" During a Wedding Kiss!
Kid Knocks Out Bully Twice His Size In One Swift Combo
Kanye Wrote A Song About Kim, Because She is “Awesome”
Jimmy Kimmel Mean Tweets - President Obama Edition
Guys Try Complimenting Each Other! {WATCH}
Golden retriever tasting lemon
Did you know Delta Airlines did this?
Back to the Drawing Board on this Children's Slide?
Anonymous Sends a Creepy Message to Kanye West in 7-Minute Video
7 week old baby clearly says "HELLO!" Watch until the end!
Zedd - I Want You To Know ft. Selena Gomez
WORLD PREMIERE: Jason Derulo 'Want To Want Me'
When You Accidentally Like An Instagram Pic! {WATCH}
WATCH: Big Sean's Mom Weighs In On Ariana Grande
WATCH: Australian Host Ask Her Co-Host Whether She ‘Spit’ Or ‘Swallowed’
WATCH: Ariana Grande Falls On Stage
WATCH: Ariana Grande Falls On Stage Performing 'Bang Bang' In Toronto
This Little Girl Has Something To Say To The Boy Who Called Her Ugly
Student Sent Home For Dressing Up As Christian Grey from '50 Shades of Grey'
Single Mom Of 4 Sings AMAZING Lullaby Now Record Labels Want Her!
Robin Thicke And Pharrell Lose 'Blurred Lines' Case
Little Boy Hits Baseball...Into Dad's Face!
Lady Gaga Has Found Her Wedding Singer!
Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Swift Jumbotron Dancing! {WATCH}
Buffalo Tries To Make Out With Woman....Gets Denied
Boyfriend Had Been Proposing For 365 Days - Watch Her Find Out!
Bette Midler Sings Kim Kardashian Tweets
Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson Announce Zoolander 2 During Paris Fashion Week!
A Traffic Reporter Went Through a Drive-Thru During a Live Report
50 Cent's Young Son Just Landed a $700,000 Modeling Gig
4 Year Old Gives His 90 Year Old Friend "Best Friend" Dog Tags
Fifty Shades Of Toy Story. This video will ruin "TOY STORY" forever!!!
Mark Zuckerberg's secret to acing a job interview
Magic Door Prank Baffles People At A Park!
Lion opens car door!
Best or Worst Mitzvah Invitation EVER!
Bass snow removal. Turn down for what?
16 month old girl cracking an egg!
Young Fan Has Panic Attack Meeting Maroon 5, Adam Levine Handles It Like A Pro
WATCH: 'Uptown Funk' Covered In Cartoon Voices Is Perfect
WATCH: Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' Gets 'Game Of Thrones' Inspired Parody
WATCH: Guy Covers Himself In Mentos Then Jumps Into Bath Of Coke
Vince Vaughn Poses for Corporate Stock Photos
TMZ: Chris Brown Is Father Of Baby Daughter
Taylor Swift Hosted Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello's 18th Birthday Party
PHOTO: Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio At 27th Birthday Bash
PHOTO: Prince's Junior High Basketball Photo Is The Best Throwback Ever
PHOTO: Justin Bieber Covers 'Men's Health' - 'It's Time For Me To Grow Up'
Nick Gordon Wishes Bobbi Kristina Happy Birthday
Weird Things Women Keep In Their Purses
These Beautiful Girls Are Biological Twins!
My Story Snapchat Résumé
Family: Unskippable - GEICO AD
What Happens After You Donate Your Hair [Video]
WATCH: World Bacon-Eating Record Has Been Broken
This Groom Says The Most Beautiful Vows to his Bride AND The Brides Daughter :)
This Baby Laughs Like a Grown Man!
Taylor Swift fixes all!
Soldier Refuses To Leave Tip Because.....
SNL Say What You Wanna Say” In “Brave” Video
Remember the name Trent Harris!
Parents Get Tattoo Of Daughter’s Birthmark So She Won’t Feel Different
Jessie J covers a Whitney Houston song & it's amazing!!!
Guy pretends to have won an Oscar & gets treated like a King everywhere he goes!
Guy Had a Seizure Skydiving, and His Instructor Saved His Life
Diarrhea in the elevator Prank!



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