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WATCH: Kanye West Glastonbury Performance Interrupted By Stage Crasher

WATCH: Kanye West Glastonbury Performance Interrupted By Stage Crasher

Kanye West had his headlining performance on Saturday at the Glastonbury Festival in England interrupted by a man named Lee Nelson, who ran on stage with a microphone in hand as West performed “Black Skinhead.” Wearing a white T-shirt that read “Lee-Zus,” a nod to West’s album “Yeezus,” Nelson somehow managed to get onstage before the thousands of people in the audience and mocked rapped the song with arms pumping in the air, as West looked on confused. Security quickly grabbed Nelson and escorted him out. Watch the video below.

After the interruption, West started the song all over again. For his part, Nelson later tweeted, “Some people were saying Kanye shouldn’t headline Glastonbury so I thought I’d give him a hand.” He was referencing the criticism leveled at Glastonbury Festival organizers after it was announced that West was its headliner. There was even a petition created that received 135,000 signatures in protest to West being given the festival’s top spot.

It should be noted, though, Lee Nelson is the stage name of Simon Brodkin, a one-time doctor turned comedian. While West has not commented on Nelson’s antics, Kim Kardashian later tweeted, “Glastonbury 2015! Craziest show ever!!!!”


Check out the video below of Lee Nelson crashing Kanye West’s performance of “Black Skinhead,” and tell us what you think.


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