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WATCH: Fifth Harmony & Becky G Team Up For 'Left Swipe Dat' Video

Reigning pop girl group Fifth Harmony and hip-hop star Becky G lend their talents to a brand new truth music video for "Left Swipe Dat." A campaign to bring awareness to the harmful affects of smoking, the clip borrows the left-swipe aspect of popular dating site Tinder. "This is a funny video, but it also has a powerful message," Becky G says. "I was excited to work with truth because I know that this is an issue that our generation can own and win. It's an issue that impacts each and every one of us!"

The video, helmed by Director X (Iggy Azalea & Rita Ora, Ciara, Drake), also brings together King Bach, Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein, AlphaCat and various other internet celebrities.

Watch Fifth Harmony & Becky G's "Left Swipe Dat" video below:


truth - LEFT SWIPE DAT Official Music Video

Not so surprisingly, research indicates that profile photos (on many popular dating apps) including smoking get as twice as many "left swipes." Ask yourself, do you want to be left-swiped that much? "Our hope is that by calling attention to this fact, we can maintain the forward momentum that we've started on reducing teen cigarette smoking rates," shares Robin Koval, CEO and president of Legacy, the national public health foundation that directs and funds the truth campaign. "We're at 8 percent, it's a big win, but Big Tobacco isn't walking away, and neither should we. New and emerging products, like hookah and flavored cigars, are gaining popularity with teens and we hope that 'left swiping' extends far beyond just traditional cigarettes."

A few staggering statistics:

+50% of young adults admit to social smoking; but social smokers don’t identify themselves as smokers
1 in 4 teens believe that only smoking on some days does no harm at all
1 in 3 youths will eventually die from tobacco-related diseases
92% of teens don’t smoke
"When we launched Finish It with truth last August, we challenged young people to make it their personal mission to be the first tobacco-free generation. In return, they asked for two things: More 'truth' and specific things that they can do to help Finish It. 'Left Swipe Dat' answers both," Glenn Cole, Founder and Chief Creative Officer at 72andSunny, says.


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