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PHOTO: Jennifer Lawrence Poses Nude With A Boa Constrictor For 'Vanity Fair'

Like her brave Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence shows no fear in her new Vanity Fair photo shoot as she poses nude wrapped up in a gigantic BOA CONSTRICTOR.

Shot by Patrick Demarchelier in July at a private Hollywood Hills residence, JLaw stripped down to her birthday suit to pose with the Colombian red-tailed boa constrictor -- which according to the magazine, "spent most of the day cooped up in a perforated, extra-large storage container managed by two very capable handlers."

So you can imagine the snake was a little restless once it was let out. In fact, Vanity Fair revealed that Jennifer only became uncomfortable "when the snake took a fancy to her neck." Yeah -- we'd be too.

Well the photo turned out AMAZING, and is a tribute to Richard Avedon's 1981 Vogue shot of actress/model Nastassja Kinski.

Check out JLaw's Vanity Fair photo below!


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