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Kevin & Danielle Jonas Welcome a New Baby! (PICS)

Kevin & Danielle Jonas Welcome a New Baby! (PICS)
On Sunday, the oldest Jonas Brother tweeted that wife Danielle is in labor and that his baby girl is "on the way."

                    Kevin Jonas was live-tweeting the birth of his daughter.

The singer said it was "showtime," adding the hashtag "#ThisIsNotADrill." Kevin's updates continued throughout the day, leading fans to believe that Danielle went through the delivery process smoothly.

The new dad said he was "so excited," and later let his followers know "Here we go, we're pushing!!!!"


Kevin and Danielle have been open about the progress of their pregnancy with fans since announcing the news back in July.


A photo of the baby's sonogram made its way around the Internet when they posted it on Instagram last year as well.


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