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Is Danity Kane returning to reality TV?

Is Danity Kane returning to reality TV?

It looks like Danity Kane is returning to their roots.
If rumors are true, the girl group that was born on Making The Band 3 is heading back to the small screen with a new show on E!
“It’s definitely TV-worthy,” Aubrey O’Day told MTV.
The former bad girl of the group has already starred in her own reality show without the girls but it sounds like she’s still up for more.
“There’s a lot of crap on TV, and I love rich dumb people just as much as everybody else does, but we can put a few more inspiring people on television as well,” she said.
“Inspiring doesn’t mean boring, inspiring just means, makes you feel yourself. We, like, zone out and watch TV to escape ourselves, but television, when it makes you feel yourself, it’s even more powerful.”
While there has been no official announcement from the network on a show title or premiere date, it sounds like these girls will be back in no time.
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