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Chris Brown bodyguard to testify on his behalf

Chris Brown bodyguard to testify on his behalf

Chris Brown's bodyguard Christopher Hollosy will again have the singer's back, this time in a Washington D.C. courtroom. Both Brown and Hollosy are charged with misdemeanor assault for an alleged fight last year outside a hotel in the nation's capital.

According to the Washington Post, on Monday, D.C. Judge Patricia A. Wynn ruled that the two will have separate trials so that Hollosy can testify on Brown's behalf. Hollosy will be in court on April 17th and once his trial wraps up, Brown's will begin.

Also during Monday's hearing a D.C. detective testified that Hollosy originally took the blame for the assault. She said he admitted to hitting the victim and urged her to arrest him and not Chris Brown. Judge Wynn also rejected the defense's motion to dismiss the case.

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