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News Archive - October 2014

This is What T-Pain Sounds Like Without Auto-Tune!
No more Alimony Payments dance! Haha
Haunted Billboard Prank!
Girl Dressed as a Zombie Was Arrested For 2 DUIs in 3 Hours
Woman Finally Beats Claw Machine, Emotions Run High
What is Taylor Swift’s Deepest Fear???
WATCH: Groom Drops The Bride
This dad just found out he's gonna be a daddy! :)
The Future of flying!
Teddy is not the smartest cookie in the world! LOL
Should pole dancing should become an Olympic sport???
Tackiest costumer, ever!!!!
Reporter Calls News Anchor Fat On Live TV!
PHOTO: Jordin Sparks Pierces Her Nose
New Harry Potter Story Coming on Halloween
Men with stretched-out earlobes are getting surgery because they can't get jobs!
Meet Garfi, the angriest cat in the world!
Maisie wakes up dancing to Ed Sheeran's 'Don't'
Little girl devastated that she won't meet George Washington
Kid Who Never Played Basketball Wins College Tuition With 4 Perfect Shots!
Kids cry tears of joy after mom finds missing cat!
Kelly Clarkson "Shake it Off" Taylor Swift cover
Jim Carrey killed it on SNL!
Jayci Underwood wisdom teeth video!
It's the little things in life!
Is it really that bad ladies!?
IKEA Halloween Commercial
Glow In The Dark Edition | Dude Perfect
Donkey lies on the couch with human buddy!
Cute Alert!!!
Creepy clowns pop up in Jacksonville!
Close call of the day!
Best costume ever!!!
Baby's 1st Birthday Cake Faceplant
Asking Strangers For Food! (Social Experiment)
Ashton Kutcher Is So Over Charlie Sheen!
WORLD PREMIERE: Gwen Stefani 'Baby Don't Lie'
Wife tells husband after a year of trying....that they are pregnant!
Watch Kelly Clarkson Absolutely Slay Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me”
Try not to laugh when you watch this!
The Walking...Dead or Drunks?
The Ohio State Marching Band Does Classic Rock!!!
That is NOT Santa!
Pitbull - Celebrate (Penguins of Madagascar)
PhotoMath Shows the Step by Step Process to Scanned in Math Problems!
NSFWL: Man Insults Bird, Bird Has EPIC Response
Mascots Shake It Off Like Taylor Swift [VIDEO]
Little Boy in Minion costume falls.....
How to Draw a Perfect Circle Freehand
"Ghost" Caught On Camera At Medical Center
Footage of Kim Kardashian’s 8th Grade Graduation Party Will Blow Your Mind
Dance Party Anyone?
Charli XCX Explains How She Came Up With FANCY!
Bug Buried In Ear #VIDEO
Bryan Cranston VS Florida Mom Who Was Whining About a "Breaking Bad" Action Figure at Toys 'R' Us
Best costume ever!!!
8 Year Old Boy With Down Syndrome Scores Touchdown! [Video]
Zac Efron Gives Fan His First Car
Woman on "Family Feud" Had to Name Something She'd Change About Her Husband's Body and Said, "His _____"
Sara X Does Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”
Radical New Umbrella Concept Uses Air To Block Rain
Man Performs At-Home Dentistry on 'Extreme Cheapskates'
Little girl plays hide and seek with her dog!
Head lice infestation.... GROSS!!!!
French Beat Boxer! Amazing!! {WATCH}
"Breakdance Conversation" with Jimmy Fallon & Brad Pitt
Anchorwoman LOSES IT When Her Cohost Farts On TV [Video]
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