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This Is Radio WHAT

Radio WHAT is on and serving the world at Requests for music are taken automatically all of the time. Tell your friends.
Radio WHAT is the music you want. You can tune to almost any radio station and listen to the playlist that the Program Director feeds you. Have you ever wanted to be a Radio DJ? Here at Radio WHAT, you are! Simply click the Request Button at, find your favorite artist and song, click the Blue Request Button and in Minutes your song will be played here. Isn't that cool?!? The Music You Want is on Radio WHAT.

Welcome to the Show! The Auto Request Feature is now working. This is definitely the station playing The Music You Want. Click on the music tab, search the massive playlist, find the song that you want and click "REQUEST." Just a few mouse clicks and you get the Music You Want played on Radio WHAT at Keep it tuned all day and all night.
Radio WHAT is the Music You Want!
Thanks for listening. Please Check out Radio WHAT...
A BIG Thank You to all that have been tuning in to Radio WHAT at The response has been tremendous. What started as a hobby has turned into a full time job. Thanks for all of the great requests. There is a new feature. It is the playlist. It may be accessed by clicking the "MUSIC" tab at The request feature should be up shortly. We are growing together. Playing the best music from the last four decades. The Music You Want is on Radio WHAT.
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Radio WHAT

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