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83-Year-Old Woman Throws Boiling Water On Intruder

83-Year-Old Woman Throws Boiling Water On Intruder

In Houston, Texas, an 83-year-old woman was taking a shower when an intruder broke into her home--that's when the pots and pans came out. Literally.

The intruder immediately grabbed the woman by the neck and began to choke her demanding that she showed him where she kept her money.

That's when Lillie McClendon gave him a piece of her mind. "What kinda momma you got that raised you up like this?!" she yelled to the man.

What the burglar didn't expect was that this woman was no ordinary grandmother.

She swiftly grabbed a stick to hit him and grabbed a boiling pan of hot water from the stove and poured it on the man!

McClendon was thankfully left unharmed.


Woman, 83, thwarts would be robber with pot of boiling water


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